most underused character/s
i could make a very long list...but to cut it short.

callisto- the ultimate badguy, potential to outdo xena as a goodguy. she just needed to be sed after she died. bring her back to earth for a second chance where she remembers everything and fights for good. (this stuffs up the eve storyline, and havnt really worked out an alternative yet..)

minya/meg/autolycus/discord- they were hilarious, and deserved more eps. every episode they were know its gonna be classic.

joxer- xena and gab have been revived 5000 times yet they didnt bother to TRY and revive him. he would hav fitted in season 6 so well.

alti- who cant love this woman, she deserved alot more eps. i have always wanted them to faily fight 1on1 to the death by combat no powers. we got a glimpse in when fates collide, and send in the clones, but i mean with swords.(them bones didnt portray it well enough as they were skeltons..)

najara- the psychopath who only had 2 eps. what happened to her waking up from her wound and getting some more action?

mavican/bacchus- they left on a cliffhanger(esp bacchus). you would expect at least one of them to come back later on.
I'd have loved to have seen more of all of those. Smile I think in quite a few cases though, it realted to the actor not being available - I seem to think I've read that each time Hudson played Callisto, she told them it would be her last. Probably why they kept killing her off each time! :laugh: I think she expected her movie career to take off more than it did, and I believe she was up for the lead in a number of tv pilots (although obviously lost out each time, just as Kevin Sorbo was up for the role of Agent Mulder and for Clark in "Lois and Clark," Bruce Campbell was up for the Agent Doggett role and the big-screen Phantom, etc. etc.)

And with Bruce - he actually worked on HTLJ more than XWP, and then got involved in his own show. Now with Joxer, we got him over 40 times in the series, basically one out of every 3 eps, so that's a good ratio. :bg: But I agree, he could have been used more effectively, more like, say, Xander on "Buffy." Ted would have pitched a fit if he'd had to play an old man in season 6 however. He loved jetting down to NZ for a couple of weeks a few times a year to work with his friends, but supposedly season 5 really was a burden for him, being away from family and loved ones (and US auditions) more months at a time, coming back for a few weeks, and then having to go back. And so he too pretty much said "OK after season 5, I'm done." And then they thought "Well, in that case, there will be no problem aging him 25 years, and letting him die valiantly." (Well, valiantly for Joxer. Wink )

And yep, Alti and Najara would have been interesting characters to see more of too, and I would have loved to have seen a sequel ep where Mavican escaped from that dimensional thing. Not sure if Kathryn Morris (the Najara actress) would have been available though, as her career was just taking off, and guest spots on network shows (followed by movies, followed by her own show) usually pay better than ones on syndicated shows.

Now with Bacchus, I sort of was OK with that being a 1-time Halloween show. But they did bring him back on Young Herc (played this time by Kevin Smith!)

I tell you who I'd have liked to have seen again - Xena's brother Toris...and Gab's sister Lila. The Lila actres (Willa O'Neill) is very big in NZ, and in the 90's was sort of the Winona Ryder of Auckland (lots of edgy,alternative roles in funky films and plays) - while she got to play two really challenging diverse roles on HTLJ, we never really got to see her do much on XWP.
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