The (sort of) return of the prodigal son

Some of you might still remember me - I was quite active in the community a couple of years ago - well, ca. until 2004 I guess. After that my "work-life balance" shifted to the "what life?" setting and so it remains until this day. Ironically, I even stopped reading (and re-reading) Norton books (gasp!) snce they hold to dear memories to read them if I'm half-stressed. So they wait patiently till I'm on holidays and can unwind ...

I have recently checked the site and have seen that it was by all standards half-defunct. Mea culpa! I've sat down today and have removed all of the errors so that all of the pages are now again fully accessible. Actually, it was quite amazing to see, how much time and effort I have spend on that stuff then ...

I loathed to "give" the website into some other hands, since it's still running on my personal server, but I promise I'll buy a separate account soon and will look for some proper help - and there were enough people who contacted me about it.

At the end, a small "positive" story. Apparently, there is some goodwill in the world left. I was browsing the net and stumbled upon and to my amazement the site linked to! So, many thanks to Jon D Schaffer from Knoxville, who owns that domain.

Right, enough of the rants. Hope you guys are all doing well!


Matt Zaleski / Aetheling / the bad webmaster of
Welcome Back, Matt. Glad to see that you are still out there. I can feel your comment about the work/life ratio. Mine resembles that at the moment.
Later Kind Folks--Paul
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Hi, Maciej!

It's super to hear from you again. I hope your life calms down enough to savor reading again soon.

OK Matt!

Welcome back..... Next time I will remember to contact you when I'm on the same continent.

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