Norton arcs on sale at ebay
In addition, Joe has started listing a large number of extra items on ebay, mostly hard to get anthologies with Norton material in them. A number of items I have never seen. These do not come up very often....
Joe. Say it isn't so.....

Maybe I've missed all of the auctions? Then again, could there be even one anthology that I don't have?

Did anyone take notes of the titles?
Irene, sorry, didn't think to do that. I'm also not sure I had all of them, but I missed or did not bid enough for the ones I wasn't sure. You could look up his ebay ID and look up the last 2 months of his lots (include the 'even if you were not the high bidder'), and it should pull them all up.
Nevertheless, welcome back. The board was semi-abandoned (at least we didn't post much) while you were gone.
Well I know 2 of them were the Golden Magazines from 1966. If I had not spent 2 years book allowance on Joe's PBA auction I would have made a try for them. But hay maybe in 2 years huh.
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