Auction on ebay 23 Aug
175: Andre Norton ARC & Uncorrected Proofs sci-fi
Were these part of her collection?

Tom, no those were part of the collection of Joe Goldin, as noted at the first of the auction, along with all of the other Andre Norton material. It was/is an extensive collection - one of the most complete ever collected.
I seem to remember Joe's original comments about this coming up; a few things went in ordinary eBay auctions, too, I believe. The size and price of many of these lots pretty much guarantee they will go to specialist shops, which will then sell the better (and signed) items at a good mark-up. (I mean, who here is going to bid on 37 books to get the one or two things we might be missing?) It's sure fun to look, though... Isn't that HUON OF THE HORN beautiful?
jmelsna: You are certainly right about that. There are about 3-4 instances like that in the auction, where I want one item, and am deciding what I would do with the other 3-5 items if I were to win. I'm also running out of room to store things like everyone else. Lots of decisions by Aug 23rd...
I just got the catalogue for the Majority of Joe G's collection. (Aug 23 auction).

There are 101 listed lots. Included are paintings, and many copies of AN books.

I was honored to see that the auction house credited the "Schlobin & Harrison" several times as reference of first state of AN books.

Included in the auction is PRINCE COMMANDS, in "Facimile Dust Jacket made from the author's own copy", for a price with a comma. I'm kind of uppity in that I was the one who supplied Joe with that photocopy. However, the copy here is in better condition than my copy (I have an X-library copy)
Irene, they would pretty much have to attribute to that bibliography, since it is the most complete for Ms. Norton's works. And is the standard reference to her works. Do you have any clues as to how many near complete collections exist of her works. (I say "near" because I doubt anyone has a true complete collection.) Even her own collection was missing some items. Interestingly, even though her collection was sold as a unit to an individual (per information in Locus magazine) some time back, I still see some items from her personal collection of her own books advertised for sale by particular dealers today. As my daughter says, "go figure"! I guess those items must have been recently 'refound' or gifted out years ago.
I believe that the items being sold on ebay from "her personal collection" were mostly from the Library out back. These have been, to my eyes, books by other authors that were autographed to Ms Norton. There have also been coffee mugs and other items, most of which Ms Norton had stored in a closet in the Library.

The Total collection of her works, including the large Portrait, were intended as a single purchase and donation to Texas A&M - at least that is my memory. My memory may not agree with truth.

The shelves of her own works, as stored in her living room, were complete, as far as I could tell when I sat on the floor in front of them and drooled. (My appologies for the run on sentence.)
These were all of the editions of her books that had been sent to her by publishers. I didn't see any gaps.

I sat and looked for the "odd" items like the Case Western paper printings of childrens short stories. The THE PRINCE COMMANDS copy there is the one that I convinced Ms Norton to have Rose make a photocopy of , and I lovingly brough the copy home (two pieces - I believe that Joe G had them photoshopped together by a Facimile Jacket company. I wanted my pcopy to look like a copy.)

There are a few items in the live auction that I would love to have. Mostly the few unpublished pieces, but cash flow and space, just don't make this possible right now.
[Going on vacation & having a dead computer that will need replacing.]
Irene: The large portrait must have been a separate deal, as it is for sale on ABEbooks from the estate. UT Austin and Texas A&M were looking more for a donation and not for outright purchase. As per the announcement in Locus, the collection of her personal books (those written by her) were purchased by an individual, and to my knowledge are going to be kept intact for later research purposes, or donation. I know personally that she was missing several foreign editions. I gave her one British edition of Outside, and 2 Italian editions. Joe Goldin gave her several Japanese editions she did not have. I imagine that several of the other posters on this board also found some she didn't have and supplied them. And I suspect that some of the more unusual items just slipped away over the years from her collection. I know that I searched for years for her for the two pirated French editions of her works from the 1950's and to no avail in bookstores in France. As she was always complaining about, the publishers were not that responsible about sending her copies and in a timely fashion. I'm sure her collection had all of the major items in it, it is the minor items that I suspect could be lacking. She had a few uncorrected proofs, but I'm not sure those need to be included for a collection to be complete.
I was just wondering if anyone had an estimate of how many near complete collections exist, I would guess about 10 or so, at most.
On a lighter note

I just finished looking at all the lots listed on eBay, the front of my shirt is wet, and I can't figure out why.

"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
Jay, it's Pavlovian...and then I open up my wallet, and reality creeps back in.
You Got That Right -

Going to have get on hands and knees and beg like a dog. Then I'm going to have to be a slave for a while - I think!

"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
The things we have to do just to have permission to add stuff to our collections is shameful. I have become quite adept at hiding smaller purchases... Unfortunately this auction doesn't have any "small" purchase potential, so a little begging is in order here too.
Are the ebay items under JoeG?
I found pbagalleries items that are juicy.
But there were several other items (MAID AT ARMS and other signed paperbacks) that peaked my interest. These posted by clb-2020, beyond-barsoom-books, and jbs15.

I myself have never had as deep a collection as some of you. I think I only have one Japanese edition, maybe one French, and one Hebrew.... Only for the cover art, of course.

I'm also willing to have a photocopy if no original can be found of something.
Joe's material on ebay has all sold. The last I talked with him, I think he had sold most of what he wanted to sell. The PBA material is his primary collection and is listed on ebay, but under the PBA name. I would doubt that anyone else had the depth and breadth of material including ephemera that he had in his collection. Unless someone else states otherwise, I imagine it was the most complete. I have the books, but not anywhere as extensive in foreign editions or ephemera. (I have maybe 25 to his 500+ pieces.)
I'm pretty sure that Andre didn't keep all of the ephemera if she even knew much of it existed. She had different, more personal type, ephemera. (I would have loved to get that 7-volume family scrapbook, but someone was faster than I at purchasing it.)
I'm not trying to butt into other people's collection, I was just wondering what existed out there. Until I chanced on this site, I pretty much just collected on my own, and rarely interacted with other collectors of her material.
Catsrule1 ~ I not trying to butt into other people's collection, I was just wondering what existed out there.

You Touch on an interesting topic - at least to me. I have been wondering for several years why so many people are so secretive about what they have in their collection. For - with some people who make little slips here and there - when I contact them about just getting the data or information about an Item they immediately clam up. I myself am very proud of the Items I have collected over the years and am willing to discuss it with anyone. On the same line of thought when I contacted PBA Galleries about the details of an item, they claim they only have the info posted. For the prices they have on items I would think they would share the details.
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
Jay, I got the same response from PBA Galleries, even though I have been a customer for years. I imagine they are just touchy about legalities? or maybe just don't want to spend the time to go into more details about lots? In their defense, they did describe items well, although I suspect that was mostly Joe's doing. When I sold some books through them years ago, when they were California Book Auction Galleries, they let me describe the books, and used the description without change, after checking my descriptions carefully.

As to the other question about other's collections, I also don't know why all of the secrecy. Now, I can understand reluctance to share details on a public board like this. 95% of the people who coast by and review the posts are legit and interested in scifi. And the other 5% are a mixture of sightseers just wandering by, people hunting for info to use for potential thievery, and those with some other generic non-honest scheme in mind, including mining for email addresses/IDs. So, I would never post about all of the "stuff" I have and make myself a potential target. But, if there was someone on the board whom I came to know and trust, I would certainly be willing to share info with them. I suspect reluctance to share info is mostly out of fear of what the requester is planning to do with the information. Fortunately most book collections are safe from thieves, since book collection are usually not portable, not that valuable at the local pawn shop, and not valuable enough to attract real professionals. I know if someone stole my book collection, he/she would have a sore back from carrying them around, and little money to show for it in the end.

That's why I clarified that I just wondered what people feel is the estimate of the number of near complete (only the books, not all of the foreign editions or ephemera) collections of Andre's books is out there. I am not in the loop of the big time collectors who know each other. I personally have a pretty complete collection, but nothing like the material in the PBA sale. That gives me the opportunity to add a few nice editions to the collection that I do not have. If I had lots of money, I could easily buy about 30 lots of material that I do not have, but no such luck.
I still think the Joe's collection was the deepest (multiple copies of each title). I'm willing to tell people what I have..... Assuming that I remember what I have.... I'm waiting for the CD (See LIVE BY THE SWORD thread).

Some of my cherished items include stuff Ms Norton was downsizing when she last moved. I have a few pages of convention badges, from several conventions that Ms Norton attended. I have a photo album of a convention trip that Ms Norton made with Ann Crispin (or maybe E.A. Scarborough?), that Rose pasted up into a black page book.... I transferred to archiveal.
I've got the letters of correspondance with Ms Norton, and some of her co-authors, and several Photocopies of letters from the Syracuse U Library.
I've also got lots of dust jackets and Wrappers (unfolded paper back covers) and other promotional material.
I've got a couple of original art items, but I don't think that I have any of the book covers (M.Gilbert aliens - not used in DAY OF THE NESS).

But my favorite item of intrigue is that single leaf of the southern SWORD item. Hence my dilated pupils when I saw that 'unpublished' item from Joe's collection. (I wish that he had shared a photocopy.)

Luckily for me, only Gerrie has even seen the inside of my house. And only you REAL collectors, would be looking for my copy of PRINCE. Heck even you might be confused, as it isn't in alphabetical order with the other Nortons (as a short height book, it is ......) Well you all get it.

Mostly what I have are photocopies. Lots of photocopies of reviews and secondary material.

Several years back one of my (then) teenage friends was supposed to do a report on an author. She asked to do Andre Norton, and was rejected as there wasn't enough primary material..... The teenager was forced to do a report on a "dead white guy", being unable to describe my house to the teacher.
Iene, my personal collection is very light on ephemera. I have the books, short of Murders for Sale, and I have advertised for almost 15 years in various venues to find a copy of that, to no avail. I missed a copy by 4 hours with Lloyd Currey about 5-10 years ago, although it would have been very pricey from him. I have uncorrected proofs, but only a few that appear to be earlier than those of Joe, and his collection on PBA. I have my cherished correspondence with her, and a few foreign editions. I got a bunch of foreign editions from Joe before he put his collection with PBA, no Arabic or Hebrew editions though. I have some reference and ephemera, but will try to get some from the auction too. No question in my mind, that Joe's collection on PBA at the present is the most complete in depth of editions, ephemera, and reference material that I am aware of. It is shame that it is being broken up and sold, but it is good for the rest of us, who want to add some items to our collections. He had some amazing stuff. I hope that all of those original artwork go to someone who will appreciate them. ....Now if the original painting for the cover of the original Galactic Derelict cover were to ever come up, it might be worth a second mortgage to me....
Jeeze People

Nothing like making feel sooo small. I feel as if my status as a collector has just gone out the window. For that matter - do I even qualify to post here. I mean I don't even have four hundred books, and not one of them would cause you to even read the listing a second time. I use to think they were good finds. And silly me - when I had what turned out to be a good find I had to go and trade it for a bunch of books on my wish list.
Now I'm stuck begging the other half to let me bid on an item that I'm sure I have no chance of winning. Even I if could afford it I'm sure somebody will employ one of those cheat programs and outbid me with 0.000000001 of a second left.

Course I still have my web-site. (LOL)
Well I just had to post link since I was bragging about it.

Have a good day - :laugh:
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
<< Jeeze People - I feel as if my status as a collector has just gone out the window. >>

Jay, if it gives you pleasure, it's a collection. Not everyone has the inclination or the wherewithal--or the luck--to amass material on the scale Joe Goldin did.

I have two or three autographed books, and a couple of the signed bookmarks. The only titles I have that are even remotely rare are the oriignal GARAN THE ETERNAL and the numbered GRAND MASTERS' CHOICE.

On the other hand, your site has been helpful to me on titles issued after Irene's book, or for information on different editions.

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