Auction on ebay 23 Aug
Jay, I totally agree. I hope you realize that about 400 books is a LARGE collection. As I said I doubt there are more than 10 people in the country who have amassed that complete of a collection of her works. The problem is that we have been reminded because of the auction that Joe had an enormous collection. The rare first editions of her first few books are nice, but the impressive part of his collection is the breadth of all of the editions, ephemera, and research material. I doubt that anyone will gather that much material again, unless it is a library or museum with the funds and storage for the collection. The problem all of us have as collectors of her material, is her prolific writing career. As a collector, it is very hard to collect so many works by one person. Heck, I would bet there are collectors of whole genres, like Natural History or 19th Century Boston area literature , who don't have the daunting task of collecting literally thousands of items to have a NEAR complete collection of something or someone. Now as a fan and a reader, I would not have had it any other way. Each and every one of her books/stories was a pleasure to read and cherish, and to remember.

I did not mean to imply that a collection had to have everything to be 'near complete'. I meant collections like you describe. Realize that most fans have at most 15-30 of her works, and consider that a good collection. And, as mentioned, they are stories and books, and the main reason is to read them and enjoy them. Only people like Irene and myself as afflicted with the "Completion Illness", and those like us, are driven to try to *complete*, and even that - as she said - within limits.
Not to worry I was really just trying to be funny. Of course I consider myself a collector. I brag at the fact that I only have 31 titles left to get including 12 short story titles (9 if you don't count the 3 poems in Omniumgathum) Oh yea that also includes the several UK editions where titles were changed (like Murders for Sale) Course - it has taken me 30 plus years to obtain said books.
Oh yea that also includes all the new ones that Baen keeps coming out with.

And three days of begging the other half to go after a couple items in the upcoming sale. Well lets say - she aint said No yet and thats a good thing.

On another note - for those of you out there looking for those hard to find Anthologies that contain a lot of her Short Stories written for that book only. Now that I have obtained most of them I will say the best place to find them is a trading site called this is an excellent place to get hard to find paperbacks but you do have to have things to trade. Out of at least 50 books I have gotten from there only two were in less than Very Good Condition. So if your looking for the odd Martin Greenberg book or old Lin Carter give it a try.

Boy I sure have been rambling a lot these past couple days - Sorry - Jay
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Andre Norton's website -
I'm very sad to be selling my book collections, especially my Andre Norton Collection, I live in a small one bedroom apartment, and found that I needed to down size my collections, so after shipping nearly 80+ boxes of books to PBA Galleries, I finally have my apartment back. I collected Ms. Norton's books for almost 40 years, had quite a few nice conversations with and corerespondences with the Lady. I didn't realize that PBA would list on eBay. The lots listed are only a part of those in the auction,
I was surprised by some of the groupings, I thought that in the paperbacks, they would devide into: US edsitions, UK editions, ACE doubles & boxed sets. I wish I had kept a list of the boxed sets to share with those who are interested.I was also surprised by the groupings of all the binding variants along with the UK editions & Proofs. I will still be listing some more SCi-Fi Anthologies and a few more scarce pieces on eBay in a few weeks. Joe
Joe, I know it must have been difficult. My kids are somewhat interested in book collecting, but I doubt they are that much, so I will probably be making the same decision in another 10+ years. I figure I will have about that much room left, especially if I get anything from your auction. As I said, it is difficult to break up such a collection - I honestly feel it is probably the largest, and certainly the most complete of her work that I am aware of. But, for the rest of us collectors, it offers the opportunity to obtain material that would be otherwise impossible to get (at least in my lifetime). I wish you luck and good realizations on the material in the auction.
I understand the need to be able to get to your sofa.
I also understand that selling the books, to me, is like selling off. . . .

Well, I understand.

I foolishly mentioned to my mother that I was thinking of selling off the Anne McCaffrey collection, and now she is hounding me to do so. She claims that this is so that I would have more space in the house. I wouldn't. I would just shift the Norton items around. She is trying to use the excuse that it might be easier, and more lucerative (sp?) dollar wise to sell them now.

Joe- I also believe that you sent me a copy of your Boxed sets listing several years ago. Hopefully it was in a word document. (see LIVE BY THE SWORD thread).

I feel like I need to send you a "Sympathy" card.

Well, better go and create a list of 5 book dealers that could sell the collection at my death, because that would be the only way they could get my collection out of my house.
Irene, Joe probably has a good idea to sell his collection now. I am hopeful that Andre's name will continue to grow, and continue to shine in the SciFi World. But, book collecting (I stress * COLLECTING * not reading) fads and priorities do come and go. There are some scifi writers whose books sell for much less now than they did several years ago. Granted, these are mostly ones who had a very limited production, and once those few books are out of the limelight, or the awards have been won, but not followed up by more public attention, then the demand for that writer's books fades. And prices go down. I don't think this applies to classic, great writers who are always remembered. I include Andre Norton amongst the classics of SciFi/Fantasy. And not to sound loopy, but I think this board with its' discussions about her works, helps to perpetuate Andre's name and her works. I don't know if Ms. McCaffrey's works will go up or down in the future - hopefully up, as I have books of hers too. This is over and above the enjoyment of reading the stories. Remember, MOM is always right! (As long as one goes through life with that as a guiding light, one will not go wrong.)
When I mentioned book collections, PBA is also selling my Anne Mc Caffrey, P.C. Hodgell, James Schmidt, C.J. Cherryh, Manly Wade Wellman and other Sci-Fi as well as many mysteries and modern literature. I fiqure that I freed up about 15 cubic feet of space. I still need to sell some records, DVD's etc. It sure makes it easier when I paint the apartment this month. Joe
Good luck to all who are bidding on the auction lots on Thursday - may you all (except those bidding against me) win their lots!

How did it go?

I managed to stay away, as my home computer is fried, and I can only borrow a limited time on my work computer. [Yes that means I come in on Saturday to do a limited amount of Message board stuff.]
Yesterday, the lots were still up with the prices listed next to the whole lot description. Today, the prices listed are only available next to the lot number - so one needs to know the exact lot to find out the realization. I know that the Prince Commands went for about $4000, which must be a new record for it's sale, and that is with the color reproduction jacket. Most of the lots went for 1/2-1X low est for the more common material. The reference material went for good prices, the letters and manuscript material went for close to high estimate, slightly more for the Witch World manuscript material. I was really surprised and disappointed about the prices for the original art, most went for 1/2 low estimate. I would have thought they would go for at least mid range or high estimate. I wish I had more room to store paintings and more money to have bought them. Overall the lots went for close to their estimates overall, and it was about the same for the other scifi and mystery lots. Certainly no bargains to be had in the whole auction, except for large lots of cheaper books, and it is always that way, since dealers buy them for resale. I bid on about 8 lots that I wanted and won about 4, so I was satisfied. I don't know where I am going to store them, since one was a very large cheap lot. But, I'm sure I can find a closet with some spare room... I was also surprised that the artists layouts for the cover art did not sell on several items, but I think they were too specialized of an item, and just didn't find someone interested. I hope Joe was satisfied.
I hope the regular posters here will let us know what goodies they won (so we can gnash our teeth in jealousy).
Well Now -

That was most interesting to keep track of. Being a collector who in the past had limited means, I never really paid much attention to what some Items are worth. I just scoured any old dusty book store I came across in my travels and bought the stuff I could find on the back shelves or in the big piles on the floor. I actually have found things worth a fair amount (at least to me) that way. Since I entered this (my first real auction) I watched as all the lots ticked by on my screen and was amused at the prices realized for some of the Items. At least now I know that with some of the items I found in the past I didn't do so bad.
My problem was that I came into the auction with a certain lot as my target. Because it had a real high lot number I had to watch as all the lots ticked by and I couldn't chance bidding on them - for my funds were a set limit and I would be sleeping out with the pigs if I went over it.

But - Hay Joe - I'm sure it hurt to get rid of such a fine collection. I know you said you wished that PBA would have split up all the paperbacks into separate lots. Well you can sleep with the knowledge that they will all go to a good home and will not be separated from each other. So as my collection doubles in size overnight I say to you "Thank You Very Much Joe". :clap: So at least to me I definitely got my moneys worth.

I really hope all you other fellow Andre lovers feel the same way about what you may have added to your collection.

Have a wonderful day - Jay :wave:

(gads I just thought of something - It's going to take forever to scan the covers for updated cover-art on my website) Hmmm - guess it will be better than zonin out to repeats on the telly.
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
Hi Everyone, Come on-Gloat, brag,make us drool. Unfortunately I was called in to Work for a meeting(I was supposed to be OFF) and missed the Auction.
I, like many, was wainting for Lot 126 and had a proxy bid in for $2185(1900 + 15% Auction Fee). Unfortunately The PRINCE went for $4020. This is my second try for the same copy. Several years ago it was on ABE and my loan didn't come through until the day after Joe bought it. Ironically the price he paid back then was in Andre's words, "What they paid me to write the darn thing" Last year I saw the original contract and sure enough the 1934 contract price was the same as what Joe paid. What a memory She had!
By the way if anyone on the board won lot 93, I am wiling to pay for some photocopies and help offset the purchase price. Later kind Folks--Paul Confusedo: :thud:
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Oh my! PRINCE COMMANDS for $4K. Please no one tell my mother. She'd be at me to sell. (True, my copy isn't quite as good.)

CatsRule wrote that some of the art layouts didn't sell? Joe, if that comes back to you, please let me know. That was the type of stuff I would have been interested in.

I did purposefully stay away. Dead computer. Japanese class (last night). Big vacation to pay for. Easier to not know what was happening.
Some of it is Irene's fault. That whole "collector" virus is quite contagious; I used to have a rampageous case. At one time, there were several Norton titles I had multiple copies of, because they each had different cover art. [Paperback editions, of course; I'm as cheap as I am acquisitive. Wink]

Fortunately for me, a local university started up a special science fiction collection, & got in touch with our local sf club. Two truckloads have left my house, with another one to go when it cools down.

It all comes down to: what's your objective? Having multiple copies of US & UK editions is for Irene to do & for me to read about & lust over. Even I can only read one copy at the time, so I'm down to one copy of each title. [Except for Irene's bibliography, where I have one signed by her & one signed by Andre; those the library can have when I'm done with them. Wink] My copies [mostly ex-library] don't have to be the prettiest; they just have to last my lifetime & get passed on thereafter.


Glad to see that Jay got the lot he wanted. I won the big lot of copied reference material from Joe's collection, the large lot of scifi magazines, reviews, etc of Andre's material, and two smaller lots. The big question is where to store all of this stuff. But, it will be fun to go through, and learn more about my favorite author.

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