Rowling tells what happens next - SPOILERS
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It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
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I find an inconsistency in

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Ron's future
yeah i saw that incosistency too
Must be that i've been smoking too long
I see no reason that both might not be true.

I can see Ron stepping in to assist George in the joke shop at first; for the loss would be raw, and fresh, and worst for George ......... Ron is the closest in age to that brother and had no established career.

But that might last but a few months to a year or so, until George was able to adjust; perhaps feel about for a new partner {Lee Jordan?}, or find a wife who wanted to help .......

Many in Harry's year, including Ron, need to finish up their schooling; and to be an Auror requires some further study. We don't know how that is undertaken, but after all, Ron etc are only 17 or just turning 18 at the time this story closes. Many of us were doing something other than our life's work at 17 and 18; I myself was in college until I was 20.

Ron may have been in the joke shop until his mid 20's, working on furthering his education part-time, and joined the Ministry at 25. Why not? An awful lot of the joke shop items had Auror-applications, not to mention Dark Arts applications {Peruvian Darkness Powder}. A great deal of things Ron might learn helping in the joke shop would be very useful as an Auror.

I can hardly see Ron helping "reform the Ministry" at 18; but 8 to 10 years later, hey, not impossible. He does have a head on him. [Basilask fangs .......]

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