Dumbledore **spoilers**
Lt. Joe Wrote:In the book, they explain how the wand and cloak work only as they are passed down, or won. I don't remember reading anything saying how Harry became the owner of the stone. I was under the impression it had to be passed directly, or that the real power of the stone had already died out and it was more powerful when the Peveril brother used it to bring back the woman. People were still able to use the elder wand, it just didn't give them any extraordinary power. Perhaps the stone was able to bring people back only to the wearer. If the brother lived with the woman for some time, I doubt he would hold the stone that entire time. These are just my impressoins and thoughts (wich are usually wrong) please correct me if I am mistaken.

Gaunt knew the stone was an Heirloom of the Peverell family. He knew he was descended from the Peverells, and was proud of that, for he was a Pureblood and that was an ancient Wizarding family. And that was all he knew, for he didn't know what the Resurrection Stone was. He was proud of having the ring , and clearly didn't know what the stone set within it was ........... his ignorance was revealed by his calling the symbol of the Deathly Hallows etched upon it's surface "the Peverell family crest".

Marvalo Gaunt was a legitimate owner of the Ring. He surely could have used it. But he never knew what it was. Likewise, Tom Riddle was also a legitimate descendant of the Peverell family, and in a sense, the 'rightful' owner of the ring, though the way by which he obtained it was ...... nasty. [He framed Marvalo for the murder of the Muggle Riddle family, left him with false memories so he would confess, and stole the ring.] Again, if proper descent from the Peverell's was required for the Resurrection Stone to 'work', Tom Riddle could have used it. But he clearly never even knew what it was. Like Hermionie and Harry, he was raised by Muggles, and the Fairy Stories he heard as a child were those we Muggles are familiar with, not Wizarding tales from Beadle the Bard.

As for 'how the ring worked', that is very fuzzy. The origional owner sought the ring to call back a girl who he had wanted to marry, who had died young; and he lived with her 'shade' or memory, until her unhappiness at being Dead in the world of the Living drove him to kill himself, so as to truly join her. Certainly, he could not have "held" the stone in his hand for the time 'he lived with her'. Perhaps that is why the Stone was set in a ring .......... so that its' Power could be invoked, and the Dead called forth could be kept anchored here .......

This guess, because Harry held the stone as he walked through the Forbidden Forest toward his death, with the Dead [James, Lily, Sirius, Lupin] walking with him; but when he reached Aragog's clearning, where LV and the Death Eaters awaited him, he dropped the Stone ...... and at that point, they disappeared.

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