Need Movie Channel Suggestions!!
Due to many many many bills I no longer have cable. Well I have basic cable but no movie channels. I'm really upset about this but what can you do. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a channel on basic cable that plays a lot of movies. Also is there a certain day of the week that has more movies rather than tv shows?
Rather than suggest a channel, might I suggest NetFlix or Blockbuster Online. Either one of these services, for a fee less than most cable plans, will provide all kinds of DVD movies and television shows in a very timely fashion.

I myself advocate NetFlix, but mostly because I fear and loathe Blockbuster. Following our initial trial of NetFlix, my wife and I agreed to cancel all cable, and we only watch TV shows when we find them interesting or recommended. We currently follow "House, M.D.", "Lost" and "Scubs" in addition to just about any kind of movie being released.
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
It's hard to recommend a movie channel because there are really only a couple that play movies all the time: AMC and TMC (or is it TCM.... Turner Classic Movies or Turner Movie Classics, something like that). But a lot of odd channels play movies (Braveheart has been popping up a lot on A&E). Other channels used to play a lot of movies, particulalry USA, TNT, and TBS, but they've taken to having their own sitcoms/weekly tv shows. USA and TNT in particular are good if you're keen on Law & Order reruns. FX plays pretty good movies, but their scheduling is subject to change a lot. SciFi is good for really bad science fiction movies (the SciFi originals are particularly cheesy). You're more likely to find movies on the weekend than during weekdays. Probably best to get a tv guide (our's comes in the Sunday paper), or like Rob said just rent movies.
TNT, FX, USA probably best ones for playing various movie fairly often. SciFi plays a lot of movies, but mainly cheesy B type movies.

A ton more channels air movies though. Look at TV listings.
Lifetime has some great movies if you like drama!! I think I watch that channel the most. However when I want a good action movie Sci-Fi and FX usually play them.

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