Bloodrayne II
Is anyone else looking forward to the Bloodrayne dvd coming out? My co-worker told me its out on September 19... I'm for sure going to pick it up. I really liked the first one even if it was a bit over the top.:clap:
I'm more interested in this one, if anything, because Natassia Malthe is playing the title character, but it's still a Uwe Boll movie...
his movies are definitely a bit ridiculous but i find them kind of entertaining.

if you are interested in the movie you should consider signing up for the street team--i know it sounds a bit silly but its a good way to get info about the movie and stuff. you can sign up at:
I was on the website for Boll's movie Postal the other day. This time he's gone too far. It's obvious he's steamrolling over the line of good taste just to get headlines. Anyway, to make a long story short, it makes lite of 9/11. I won't post a link because it's not suitable for this board, but if anyone sees it, I'd be interested to know if they find it as disgusting and objectionable as I do.
I might watch this if it comes to cable and I'm really bored or something. Or might be good for a Mystery Science Theater type of thing - heckle and make fun of the movie while watching it with a group of friends. Some movies are so bad that they are quite amusig and entertaining to watch.

Crusher, can you get me a job at Universal? Tongue Promoting movies on message boards sounds fun.
How "UB" gets money to make movies? some one said in one finnish forum that Germany's goverment gives him some kinda support money...dont know if thats true.
Well, I finally watched this last night. It's was actually kind of fascinating for the first hour or so, but then I got bored and zipped through the final shoot-out as fast as the DVD player would go.

I say it was fascinating because it's just so bad. I don't mean unwatchable, although it is very boring. For one, they're running on fumes from the start. I got a strong suspicion that the script was probably more like a 10 page outline with some dialogue in it, and then Boll just added all the filler he could think of. It's actually quite impressive, he gets a 90 minute movie out of virtually nothing. I mean nothing. With no exaggeration, two or three of us here could sit down and hammer out a 'screenplay' like that in about six hours. Given that it's a western (yes, a vampire western), the filler is easy to come by for Boll; Sergio Leone-like close ups, horse riding scenes, shootouts, just obvious stuff. Not that it works, mind you, because as I said, it's a very boring movie.

It looks like most of the movie was shot with a shoulder-mounted steady cam. I wonder how long it took them to shoot it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a week or two. Maybe that's a bit unreasonable, but there's just nothing remarkable about it. One of the funniest shots was of these people that were supposed to be putting down rail. One of them was hamming on the side of the rail, and it looked so fake, he was going slow as if he was told he couldn't actually hit the rail, just look like he was. :bg:

The villain here is Billy the Kid, turned vampire. We don't see how it happens and unless they gave and explanation during the parts I skimmed through, we're never told, either. No matter, though. The actor that plays him is from Toronto, but for some reason he's doing this kind of Dracula accent, and he's got long hair and sort of looks like Geddy Lee from Rush. It comes off as quite silly.

Anyway, seems Boll isn't done with Bloodrayne yet. If IMDb was right, Kristanna Loken was supposed to reprise the role for a thrid film, but now they've got Natassia Malthe lined up for a sequel called Bloodrayne: The Third Reich. IIRC, the first video game had to do Rayne taking on Nazis or something, so this third effort apparently is inspired by that. I haven't played the games, but they're probably good, the same studio did a game called Nocturne a few years earlier, which is one of my favorites. By the way, Clint Howard is in the third film, too, so you know it's gonna be great. :laugh:

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