Xena Online Resources is 11 years old

Many years after both Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess ended production, Xena Online Resources remains one of the most popular Web sites in the Xenite.Org network.

Slightly more than 10 years ago I posted a message to the Chakram mailing list asking for volunteers to help edit the directory. At the time it had barely more than 300 listings. Today it still sports more than 1500 and remains, to my knowledge, the largest directory of Hercules and Xena-related Web sites.

Among those first 12 volunteers to step forward and help with XOR was Dixie, who remains a part of the Xenite network today. In fact, had Dixie not stayed with me through the past 10 years there probably would not be an SF-Fandom or a Xenite.Org. She has done so much for us all it's hard to imagine how things could have unfolded without her.

Many faces have come and gone. Many contributions. Xenite's volunteer staff has shrunk. There was a time when we had multiple concurrent teams: forum moderators, fan fiction editors, XOR staff. We probably had 40-50 people involved in the Xenite worlds of imagination on the Web.

And this all basically started with Xena Online Resources, which began as a news group document I compiled on a whim. I had about 20 URLs and got some facts wrong. But it was a start. I republished the list every couple of weeks and people asked me to add their sites to it. And before the end of 1996 Kym Taborn asked if she could republish the list in a few places, including the Chakram mailing list and the Universal Studios/MCA TV Xena forum (the first "official" forum).

When I set up the Xenite.Org domain in March 1997 I moved four Web sites to it: 2 Xena sites, an Andre Norton site, and my personal Web site (The Worlds of Michael Martinez). And things just sort of exploded from there.

Today I continue to create new sites, although nothing new about Xena and Hercules. But Xena Online Resources has been with us from the start, it has always remained a strong attraction for our visitors, and I cannot imagine Xenite without XOR.

To all our fellow fans who made the work seem worthwhile, thank you. I hope we can say that again in another 10-11 years.

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