Anyone noticed all the Crazy Book seven Spoilers?
What do you guys think of the spoilers that are coming out everywhere? Find them to be real or fake? The news keeps blabbing about them.
AJ786 Wrote:What do you guys think of the spoilers that are coming out everywhere? Find them to be real or fake? The news keeps blabbing about them.

I'm officially in a self-black out as far as the final book goes. Mine will arrive on Saturday, and then I'll know as much as everyone else does. I'm avoiding anything that even remotely looks like a spoiler.
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RobRoy Wrote:I'm officially in a self-black out as far as the final book goes. Mine will arrive on Saturday, and then I'll know as much as everyone else does. I'm avoiding anything that even remotely looks like a spoiler.
Hear, Hear! You and me both. I'll wait for the official version - albeit a little tiny bit impatiently. :crazy::laugh:
I'm at the mercy of the library and my placement on the waiting list. Smile But I too am avoiding spoilers, though I inadvertently stubbled over one this morning here. I see that thread has been deleted, thank goodness.

But I do find it rather annoying that some people have to not only blab about getting the book before anyone else but then go around ruining the experience for the rest of us. There should be a special place in hell reserved for people like that, next to telemarketers and people who drive 20 mph getting onto the freeway. Wink
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I'm with you Gamgee!

I too am trying to avoid spoilers. I've heard the news talking about them, but so far haven't actually seen them. And i'm not going looking for them.
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Oddly, all I have encountered is a lot of talk about there being spoilers out there, but no content of what they contain, even if I wanted to read them.

I hope my book comes Sat. Knowing my local postal service in this very remote rural area, I expect to see it by Tuesday, at the earliest. But Amazon guarantees Sat delivery or my money back, so that might not be a totally bad thing; however, perhaps they know enough to send it UPS instead? Hmmm.
The last time, came through for me, so I ordered from them again, even though more expensive than However I got a routine notice yesterday that the book was ready to send. I am thinking, "Huh. Ready to send on Thursday. That doesn't sound like Saturday delivery." Sad
Amazon has always come through for me - with the exception of the one year that the post office showed up on my doorstep and 6 pm the night before I was supposed to get it <G>

My real problem is that I know it will be after noon when I get it. The husband wants me to go for a ride in the morning - since it's getting rather warm out here, we'll be home between noon and 1 pm. So naturally I'm sitting here wanting to stay home and wait even though I know I won't get the book until after 12 when I'll probably be back anyway, and wanting taking the Harley out to stretch her legs so that I'm not jumping every time there's weird sound in the house that makes me check the front door. :bounce:
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My mail comes by rural carrier and is never here before 1:30 P.M., and often much, much later. My newspaper comes by mail, from a city 75 miles distant, and I pay for same-day delivery; but often as not, it is next-day delivery, or, no paper at all, and two the next day, even three after two missing days, at best.

So I am not hopeful of a book on Saturday; unless, as I said, they decide to use U.P.S., which their e-mail said they might.

Oh, the wait ........
I sympathize about rural delivery, We also have this. Our Saturday mail comes no earlier than 5 pm, although during the week it is around 3-4 pm. And we can't see the mailbox from the house, so putting the book in the mailbox, or tying it to the box if it is too big, would be an invitation to theft. But anyway, I'll be hoping all day for the UPS guy to get here.

eta: Whoop!!! Mine is here! I walked forlornly up to the mailbox about 4:30 thinking that maybe the UPS guy had tied it to the mailbox, but no, no package. But inside there was!! Even though the notice and the tracking information said UPS, the label and the actual delivery were by the post office! And the letter carrier was there early! I have restrained myself, though. I went through the mail and carefully wrote bill payments and took care of junk mail. And came online to share the good news, and to hope that Darq's book similarly gets delivered today, and here. I. go.!!!

well after actually reading the book you realize that a lot of the spoilers were fake. the ones i came along usually had Ron dying. But after i finished reading the book i searched HP Spoilers on google just to see how accurate there were. i found two or three that had the exact story line and were posted weeks before the release. How did people get there hands on the book THAT early??
Never having had a book published, I'm more or less guessing - but I do know that the editing and then proofreading must be done and that there is a "sample print" done prior to actual publication. There's a ton of people involved and any one of them just had to slip up once for a minute.
RobRoy Wrote:I'm avoiding anything that even remotely looks like a spoiler.

Same here! I'm so excited for my book to come.
Well, I read the book and then tried to find the most famous spoiler, the one where the guy said he was posting it on the web because Harry Potter is satanic and he wanted to ruin it for everybody.

Interestingly enough, I couldn't find it. I'm not the greatest surfer though. You can find websites where they talk about it, but the details are not clear. He says some goofy things like Draco sets up a business selling Horcruxes. That should clue you in right there.

I found one site that claimed to take you right to the spoiler text, but it turned out to be slash. Actually that one was pretty clever, because you're reading along thinking that the writing is just awful and couldn't possibly be JKR and all of a sudden everyone is taking their clothes off. Made me laugh, anyway.
you can find that spoiler at . I think they may have removed it now. It was a hoax. He said that Hermione died protecting Ron and Harry killed Voldy. And he said that he missed one important detail...."malfoy started making horcruxes for fun and profit!!" . i knew it was a fake from the start.

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