Sci Fi brings back Farscape
Quote:SCI FI has ordered 10 webisodes of Farscape, to be produced by Brian Henson and Robert Halmi Jr. and produced by The Jim Henson Co., in association with RHI Entertainment.

The series will expand the Farscape universe, but the network had no announcements on casting or premiere dates.

I'm interested to see what happens with this. The phrase "expand the Farscape universe" sounds alot like "none of the original stars will be in this" to me, but time will tell. I can see it taking place in the Farscape setting, but having nothing to do directly with what happened in the show.

Also, I wonder how long a "webisode" is, exactly?
And wondering if any of the actual lead actors would want to do (or be affordable for) a web episode?
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Hey, Boomstick! :wave:

Thanks for this. Heh, and BB and CB just got cut loose from Stargate. Yeah I know there are movies in the works, but still. . .

Wow. I`ve been kind of getting used to the idea finally that it`s over. Now this. There are lots of directions it could go. I`d dearly love to see even part of the old Crew reunited, but then maybe it would be just as well to kind of start fresh. Like TNG. As long as they give us deep and interesting characters and stories it should be good even if it isn`t the Farscape we love. I`m going to be guardedly optimistic.
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Heya, Bern!

If these "webisodes" are of any decent length, I can see them having the cast back. I mean, clearly Ben and Claudia have a good working relationship with SciFi, they've both been on SG-1, and Claudia guest starred on an episode of The Dresden Files.

At the very least, Brian Henson and Robert Halmi Jr. are producing them, so it's a safe bet they'll be good.
Well, since Jim Henson's doing it, perhaps they could integrate the Muppets SF saga 'Pigs in Space'.

Well, ok. Maybe not 'Pigs in Space'. The health nuts wouldn't stand for any pork-themed weekly series.

Though I like seeing Browder and Black (Gods know how much I love seeing Claudia, no matter what she's doing), I'm not jazzed about a new 'Farscape' series. Even if Browder and Black returned. I don't see any reason to re-launch it.

And perhaps Ben and Claudia need to move on with other projects. They're bigger stars, now, than they were whan 'Farscape' first appeared.

'Onward and upward', I always say.
Cool! It will be weird if there are none of the familiar faces around, but hopefully it will be fresh, fun and witty all the same.
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A few days ago SciFi Wire had a bit about the Farscape web series. It was more or less a report of Ben Browder's feelings:

Quote:Farscape star Ben Browder told SCI FI Wire that he looks forward to reprising the role of astronaut John Crichton in a much-talked-about proposed Web revival of his critically acclaimed SF series, which originally aired on SCI FI Channel.

It also goes on to say that the producers haven't figure out exactly what they're going to do with the web series yet. But at least we know Ben Browder is up for reprising his role.
I wasn't a religious fan of the show. But i do give it marks for originality and quirkiness. It did bring Claudia Black to my attention, and had some interesting ideas for aliens.

Will 'Peacekeeper Barbi' be returning? I almost wet myself laughing at that line, BTW.
The first two seasons were certainly the best, IMO. After that it was still good, but not as good.

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