I am so vamped right now i'm typing as fast as my fingers will go. Now I know in Fandom history there's been controversy over this so I don't want to start an arguement so i'm going to word this as best I can. What if, in the last book, (I actually don't know if this has been discussed anywhere before but it just popped into my head) , Harry is the last Horcrux!? :jawdrop: :eek:

Is where this has been discussed. Since LV has been trying to kill Harry, it doesn't seem that Harry could be a Horcrux.
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You are more than welcome, and certain encouraged, to post your thoughts within that thread, or argue for or against any points that were brought up. We have not yet exhausted all avenues of discussion on any given point.

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I have read the "Harry is the last Horcrux" theory elsewhere many times, and my instant thought and comment always was, "then why would LV spend so much energy trying to kill him?"

In response to this, I usually find reasoning that go like this:

* Dumbledore posited that LV created multiple Horcruxes; he and Harry learned the exact number by viewing the authentic Slughorn memory {Six, so that LV would have a 7 part soul, Seven being The most magically powerful number}.

* Dumbledore posited that LV killed many times, but, made his Horcrux only when he had done a particularly "significant" murder, such as those of his father and grandparents, so,

* It seemed logical that LV would have been preparing to make a Horcrux with the infant Harry Potter's death, that being especially "significant" due to The Prophecy's content, of Harry being the "one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord"; if he killed Harry, LV would become even more invulenrable {his foretold nemesis being dead};

* And so, LV would have been at Godric's Hollow all prepared to make his {presumably} Last Horcrux {with Harry's death}. He would have had all in readiness to proceed, the spell in progress, the chosen "object" ready to encase the soul fragment, the potion prepared { or, whatever was required ...... we don't know} ..........

* And at the last, the AK rebounded and Harry was not killed; but there was that mark on him, which became his scar, and Harry had much of LV within himself, such as his ability to speak Parseltounge, and his "connection" to LV, his ability to see through his eyes at times, know his emotional state, and so forth .......

* And so the conclusion is, that the Horcrux was made, but that the soul fragment went into Harry {not the planned, designated object, whatever that may have been}; "proven" by Harry's connection to LV;

* And LV doesn't know it {his body having been killed by his own rebounded AK curse}; hence, his repeated attempts on Harry's life;

* Alternativly, the Horcrux isn't Harry himself ........ but his scar; which is what is singificant about "scar" supposedly being the last word of the last book.

Interesting concept. I don't believe it, but, when you string together what we know, I can see how the dots are connected to reach this end.

Edited to add:

Another theory is that LV wanted Harry to be the last Horcrux; because, LV cannot be killed while any of his six Horcruxes are still viable, and if Harry himself is a Horcrux, he cannot kill LV unless he, Harry, is already dead;

So, LV's plan was, to kill James, and use that murder as the basis of the soul-splitting event to turn his son, Harry, into the last Horcrux. And he succeeded, but, the rebounded curse {due to Lily's intervention} caused LV's body to die.

This last makes no sense to me, because, if LV wanted Harry to be a Horcrux, again, he wouldn't attempt to kill Harry. Rather, he would want Harry to live. But I have read this theory.
yeah i highly doubt it. I don't think JK would kill off one of the most loved characters in literature. Lol but i'd like to see a seven year olds face when he reads Harry Potter's death.
The notion that Harry is not a Horcrux does not mean that Harry will survive.

We've discussed this before; and Harry may be the Sacrificial Lamb, if not the Final Horcrux. In fact, the increasingly darker tone of the last couple volumes had led me to think that is the case; that Harry won't survive.

Which does not lead me to believe Harry {or his scar} is a Horcrux, mind you.
Yeah but i still don't see Harry dying. It's true, horcrux or not he could still die. But I think Harry should be the person to kill Voldemort. So if he kills Voldemort and then dies i think it'd be perfectly ok.

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