Sith names
What are darth Maul's, Sidious, and Bane's real names?
Evil will always triumph because good is dumb:wicked:.
Try some of these for help
I can imagine quite a bit.
Thanks for the short cuts han.
Evil will always triumph because good is dumb:wicked:.
Did you know Darth Bane Invented The double-edged lightsaber (Like Darth Mauls)
Im not too sure about Darth Banes name

I do know
-Darth Sidious--Palpatine
-Darth Maul-- Sifo Diaz
-Darth Tyramus--Count Dooku
-Darth Plaguess-- Unknown
-Darth Vadar-- Anakin Skywalker
-Darth Bane--Unknown
-Darth Dunn-- (First Sith) Unknown

All of them where Jedi's Except
-Darth Tyramus--Qui Gonns Master
-Darth Maul-- Mace Windu's Master
-Darth Vadar-- Master Obi-Wan(Ben) Kenobi's Apprentice.
-Darth Dunn-- Second Jedi (Master Yoda's Apprentice)

Darth Dunn was a Jedi Then a Sith then a Jedi then...Dead.
(From Expanded Universe)
What do you mean, Darth Maul is Sifo Dias?
And what makes you think that he was Mace windu's master?
Evil will always triumph because good is dumb:wicked:.

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