character who brought the most comedy to XWP?
there is alot, but mine would have to be:

aphrodite-goddess of love....goddess of comedy

alti-she had some funny things to say in some episodes(eg, in them bones when gabrielle comes she says xenas little *****)

amarice-had some funny things to say about gabrielle in endgame and had some more funny times later on, like the expressions she had.

discord-come on she would have to be right up there, every episode she was in there was gonna be comedy. even getting her head chopped off made the episode funny.

ephiny-was funny earlier, for example in hoves and harlots the way she was talking to gabrielle

the furies- just looking at these psychos makes you laugh

gabrielle-she brought alot of laughter to many of the episodes, especially when picking on joxer

callisto-she was the queen of comedy, nothing more to say. take the comebacks she had for joxer in callisto for example.

draco-he was a really good comedian in the series, nothing more to say

joxer-very funny in a stupid way.

xena- always funny espcially when bagging joxer

salmonious-self explanitory
While almost every character in the series gets a one-liner every now and then, I think I'll settle for Joxer. He has timing and attitude (and lines) that brings comedy to almost every scene he appears in.

He also appears in a great many episodes, so he satisfies the quantity aspect of your question.

Xena and Gabrielle appear even more often of course, but they don't quite match him when it comes to comedy. Gabrielle has many funny moments, but they become fewer and fewer as she goes through the tragedies of the later seasons.
Xena is excellent with one-liners, but when it comes to prolonged comedy, Luxy needs firm directing to be good.

And since it's always easier to comment someone else's list than to make up your own, I'll comment your choices :-) :

Alti: I sometimes chuckle at her lines, but not because of their inherent comedy, but because they are delivered with such scathing malevolence. She's my favourite villain in the series, but I don't think of her as comic.

Amarice: No, I don't like her timing or attitude.

Discord: She appears far too little to rival the others. I'm not that overwhelmed by her way of delivering lines. But she had some fun moments in Takes One to Know One.

Ephiny: I really like her, but as you say, her comedy moments were all (I think) in Hooves & Harlots.

The Furies: Yes, fun to look at. But nothing to make me laugh out loud. Not many episodes either.

Callisto: Bursting with one-liners and perverted glee. But she often does such monstrous things while joking that I wouldn't exactly call it comedy.

Draco: Such energy! He alone made Lyre, Lyre bearable. He did deserve a more serious story arc, though.

Salmoneus: Yes, very funny. He didn't appear in that many episodes though, otherwise he might've given Joxer a match.

And some honorary mentions of mine:

Ares: Really very funny. His ability to be perfectly at home in every situation was hilarious at times.

Autolycus: Excellent timing and physical comedy.
Let's see:

Aphrodite: Yes, one of the funniest characters though I thought she had more comic chemistry with Kevin Sorbo than Lucy and Renee.

Alti:Can't remember ever finding her funny.

Amarice:I liked her Pompeycue line but apart from that I thought she was too obnoxiously "spunky".

Discord:She's a character who really grew on me and now I find her very funny. Although she is barely in Xena compared to Herc and Young Herc.

Ephiny: She's mildly amusing in Hooves and Harlots. After that she's pretty dull.

The Furies: More weird than funny.

Gabrielle:Funny early on, then the character gets moany and self-obsessed and Renee loses her comic timing.

Callisto:Yeah, she's funny in a psychotic way.

Draco:Yeah, it's a pity we didn'ts ee more of him.

Joxer:Yes, funniest character in the show.

Xena: Can be funny, but sometimes she overdoes it a bit.

Salmoneus:Very funny, but his character worked better in Hercules.

Autolycus:Also very funny, but I also think he worked better in Hercules.

Ares:Later on he became very funny, although he did lose some of his edge then.
Xev, Xev of B3K, join us in our song!
After all, a thousand years isn't very long!
I was about to say Xena (I love her unique sarcasm bravodo) than I just remembered Meg. Enough said.

I also love Autolycus, Joxer sometimes and Gabrielle in the first season, even though technically I don't really like her that much.


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