Order of the Phoenix Soundtrack July 10th
Mugglenet just reported that Amazon.com has announced the release date for the Order of the Phoenix soundtrack. The release date it July 10th, three days before the release of the movie, and the list price is $18.98 USD.

So let's talk soundtracks. Who's planning to get this one, and who has the others already? I don't have any of them yet, but I'm going to start getting them sometime soon. I'll definitely be getting this one, too. I love film scores. :bg:
I purchased the first soundtrack last week. I might purchase the others. Now I can't wait to hear what the fifth soundtrack sounds like.
I have a CD with a collection of the music from some of the movies. I haven't thought about getting the soundtracks.
I bought the soundtrack for Goblet of Fire. The composer was Patrick Doyle (some of the other scores he composed were Sense and Sensibility, Gosford Park, Bridget Jones Diary, Donnie Brasco, etc.). I really love this soundtrack, and am very pleased with how Doyle built upon the themes set down by John Williams.

And a bit of news, the track list for the OotP soundtrack has become available (no samples of the music, though). It gives a pretty good idea of what to expect in the movie, but if you haven't read the fifth book and don't want to be spoiled, I wouldn't recommend looking at the list just yet. Smile
I haven't bought any of harry potter soundtrack but I'm planning to buy soon..:music:

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