The 7th book - what will happen?
What are your predictions?
We will see Fleur & Bill's wedding.

We will see Harry at the Dursley's for the last time; and Harry will leave there on his own terms, having had his say. [My wish is for this to be free of bitterness; that Harry can 'show them up', not by giving them what they deserve {as Dumbledore has already done} but rather, by being more mature than any of them have as yet shown themselves to be.} I think it possible that LV or some other of his baddies may put the Dursley's in danger, and that Harry saves the day. Or, that Snape may show up there, proving himself known to Petunia, and his attempt to save Harry's parent's is thus revealed; for Snape, after all, may have been "that awful boy ..." Petunia overheard explain about Dementors to Lily ............. One of the many ways Harry may learn some hard truths about Snape, as most of us feel he must.

The "gleam in Dumbledore's eye" will be explained, re, the use of Harry's blood to revive LV.

Peter the Rat will repay his Life Debt to Harry, probably with his own life.

Of course, Harry will go to the Weasleys' as well as the Dursleys', and Hogwarts' too; he may not enroll as a student, but there is the Scavenger Hunt for the Horcrux and the grounds of Hogwarts are an obvious place for such an activity. There is the Room of Requirement with its hidden book, and that tarnished tiara {something of Ravenclaw's?}; the portrait of Dumbledore; the Pensive; Hagrid .......... and more; many reasons Harry will have to at least visit.

[I have already expressed how wrong it would be for Harry to drop out of school, as the twins have; what a wrong message for the kiddies, school dropouts should not be heroes. But if he dies, I guess it does not matter, and the last two books point to that, anyway.]

Of course, Harry will go to Godric's Hollow, and we may learn he has a connection to the founder Griffendor. We will certainly learn far more about what happened the night his parents died, and who was there.

We will visit the Ministry of Magic, because of that locked room where they study Love, if for no other reason.

I can think of many more loose ends to tie up, but that is enough to be going on with.

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