Anakin: Friend or foe?
When was Anakin best when he was a friend (Jedi) or Foe (Sith)?
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Galafre Wrote:When was Anakin best when he was a friend (Jedi) or Foe (Sith)?

I guess that would depend on what you are defining as "best".

Clearly, a lot of pain and suffering in general could have been avoided if Anakin had not turned, and if Palpatine had been ended. So in performing his duties as a Force-user, he clearly wasn't at his "best".

On the other hand, as a Sith, he clearly did a fair job of what was asked of him. Probably, he shouldn't have let emotion rule him completely in his confrontation with Obi-wan, but that's what a Sith is all about, so from that point until his final confrontation with Luke, he was pretty much at his best there.

On the other hand, he always had the potential to do something good and worthy, and in the end, he managed to live up to that potential. That did require him to turn from the Dark Side, so he ultimately failed as a Sith, but as a good guy, he was at his best when he became again, to whatever extent, a Jedi.
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I don't know if I can answer that one. RobRoy hit on some very good points. No matter what, Anakin had many of his same traits being a Sith as he did a Jedi. He was always cocky, over-confident, and thought his abilities rivaled or surpassed many of the greatest masters. I thought he did his best fighting as a Sith, but I liked him more as a Jedi because of his unpredictability. You can say that I liked his personality more as a Jedi I guess.
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