Who's Your Favorite Amazon?
Who's your favorite Amazon and why?

Granted, it was later revealed that she wasn't born an Amazon....but

a) that was a later interpolation for the character; when originally written, and therefore as acted by Jennifer Sky, she was a legit Amazon, and

b) Gab added a stone for Amarise to her necklace, as one of her sisters, so that's official enough for me.

As for why, I liked her spunky attitude. Wouldn't want to be around it in real life, but it made a nice contrast first to Hari Krishna Gab, then to amnesiac-Xena. I've always liked the everyman figure in the various Ren Pics shows, and she was very much a sort of audience-surrogate in her episodes.

Plus she was a babe! Heart
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Velasca - really wish she had come back - I think she could have made as much an impact as Callisto.
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Everytime we have these Favorite Amazon threads, I ALWAYS seem to forget Velasca. I guess I always identify her as a Goddess first.
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