Last movie you saw?
What was the last movie you saw?

I watched An American Haunting yesterday. It was great. Donald Sutherland is one of my favorite actors.

Has anyone else seen this movie?
Casino Royale, again today.

With love.
We recently watched RV with Robbie Williams. I didnt expect it to be so funny, the guys in the other trailer i wish we had neighbours like them. Full of life, and perkiness. Mind you boundaries would have to be set like no perkiness before my third cup of tea or 9am!!!
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Last movie seen in theatres: The Prestige (which I am obsessed with now and highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it)

Last movie seen at home: Underworld 1 and 2 (Which I loved immensly!)
Ditto on that, I saw "The Prestige" last.
The last 'new' movie I saw was 'The Prestige'.

The last movie I watched was Trekkies; it was funnier than I remembered the first time. Has anyone seen the second one? It's hard to find where I live.
Confusedun: Mission Impossibal 3 loved the action sx grate:laugh:
The last movie I saw in theater was Apocalypto[I][/I]. I had an issue or two with the plot, but really enjoyed it otherwise. The last movie I rented was The Wonder Boys.[I][/I]I enjoyed that one, as of those pleasant surprises.:eek:
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I just bought and watched for the first time, Little Miss Sunshine. I have to say that I thought it was great and that I must add it to my favorite movies list.
i saw the pursuit of happyness ~ which was a GREAT movie but a bit draggy
Freedom Writers - a wonderful movie. Hilary Swank is perfect in it and the pacing is good.

Step Up - a watered down generic version of "Save the Last Dance".
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The Italian Job (the original) absolutely amzing, unlike the remake. Michael Caine was absolutely brilliant.

Did anyone tell Hollywood that the italian job was so called because 'the job' took place in ITALY..................... The Donuts.
In theatres... "Stranger than Fiction" with Will Ferrel.

DVD was "The Two Towers"... again. :p
Freedom Writers with Hillary Swank. It is a very good film.
Snakes On A Plane

Movie was bad, i'm not gonna watch it ever again.
i ended up watching a movie on tv last night based off a novel. I can't remember what it was called or who wrote the novel, but it was pretty good.
I just watched 11:14. An interesting concept peice, and carried out well by all the actors, but overall it was just a "hmmm" peice when it ended.
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Look Both Ways...for English at school...twas a tad bit weird.
But if you're talking about in the cinemas, it was Borat...for the second time. I love it!!
Acctaully, no it was Blood Diamond, that I saw last in the cinemas. Yeah, that movie was really good.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - although I haven't finished it yet!

Very weird but having quite an impact - great concept and some really good performances. Quite a disorientating film to watch at times!
At theaters: Primal, it was interesting, if you like gore and graphic violence. I was expecting the serial killer to not be what/who it was though but kinda figured it would who/what it was about 5 mins into the film.
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