Stargate Trivia - Vol 6
The tradition will continue....6 volumes and still so much trivia to quiz on....

for those of you new to the game, please read our few rules below before you start. For the old pros who've experienced the fun ahead to the first question at the bottom of this post....



1) This is a Spoiler free zone. As such, please refrain from asking trivia Questions on Stargate SG-1 Season TEN and Stargate Atlantis Season THREE.

2) Please do not ask questions about the personal lives of any of the cast and crew involved with the shows.

3) To save ourselves from the horror that is confusion, please allow one question to be asked at a time and the poster who asked the question to confirm that your answer is correct. This saves a lot of confusion, if we all ask questions at once, mayhem ensues and its a big mess to clean up lol


Last Trivia Winners below

mystical weather - 10 (Still Holding her prettiful crown!)
Azrm2k - 8
samdelfino - 7
clarejonsson - 7
saraloui - 5
Sgfan13 - 2
Korat Bean - 1


Question 1


SP1 - oh…I was wrong… there is someone home.

SP2 - wait! Wait!

SP1 - what?...I was looking for the light switch…

SP2 - New guy!

SP1 - Hey! You touched that…

SP2 - I know how to read that.

Speakers and Episode please

MYCode Guide

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