hey guys
i just noticed something about proffessor tralawny, however you spell it
in the 3rd book she did make a prediction about something bad happening around easter. lavender's bunny died. but it did't die on the day trelawny said it would happen.
then she made a prediction that lavender should lookout for a red haired man
which i think she meant ron.

do you think it's possible that maybe she can actually see lavender crying on easter but not know why she's crying. maybe that's why she said something you dread

and maybe she saw lavender crying agian with ron next to her. i'm guessing again that she didn't know why she was crying but somehow knew it was because of ron.

really i do think trelawny is a maniac
but i just couldn't help noticing these.

and she also made a prediction about somebody leaving.(hermione)
maybe she just saw someone storming out of the room
Okay Im confused. Because she did only say around easter. But if she certified a certain day maybe it will happen in the future, maybe it hasn't happend yet
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Sibyl Trelawney has made many silly, incorrect predictions. I think we can safely say that most of what she says in class to students is foolishness, spooky nonsense to frighten and impress students, and has nothing to do with true prediction.

The prediction concerning the pet rabbit was one such. She told a student that something the student had been dreading would happen around a certain date. Later, this student learns around that date that her pet rabbit had been killed by a dog. This is taken to mean that the prediction had come true. Hermionie correctly pointed out that this was foolish.

In the first place, the event didn't happen at the predicted time; the student learned about it at that time, but it had happened well before, so didn't fit the prediction at all. Second, the rabbit was young, and there was no reason to expect it would soon die ......... so, there was no reason the student would have been "dreading" the news of its demise; she just said, "obviously" she had been, after she learned it was dead; but the death was an unexpected accident, not something the student could anticipate nor "had been dreading".

The funny things about Trelawney's predictions concern Harry. She shuffles and reads Tarot cards to herself in the hallway, while drunk, and reads out a description of Harry, who is hiding nearby, and mutters "that can't be right" ...........

Two predictions have been made under trance concerning LV, by Trelawney. The first was made to Dumbledore, when she interviewed for her post at Hogwarts, and only he heard the entire "prophecy"; though Snape heard the first few lines, and reported them to LV {he was an unrepentant Death Eater at the time}, which set LV on the path to track down and kill Harry later.

The second was heard only by Harry, and it concerned Wormtail {Peter Pettigrew} re-joining LV after spending years hidden as Ron's pet rat, and it came true within hours of her uttering the words.

I have noted elsewhere that she has always called Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort by the title "The Dark Lord", which he was called only by his Death Eater followers ....... and wondered if Sybil is quite so innocent as she seems; noting also her name, "Trelawney", which is Cornish and hence, a sign in English tales of being of wicked character ..............
She has made two correct predictions in her life. Other than that, it seems that she's a fraud.

But wait.

Even though some of the predictions she makes are very vague, and could even push the target in them to complete the prediction itself, some of them do come true. Neville's breaking of the cup came true. Lavender's rabbit came true. And Hermione left the class, around the time the professor predicted. Her predictions to these were vague and unclear, but the events happened none-the-less.

How much of that is pure chance, how much of it is interpretation, and how much of it is actually the ability to tell the future?

I think Professor Trelawney can tell a bit of the future, but she doesn't understand it that much, and therefore tries to make the events she sees much more dramatic than they actually are, as opposed to actually trying to figure out what will happen because of her visions.
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The art of false prophesy, or "fortune telling", is to make so-called "predictions" so vague, and hence, subject to intrepretation, that any future event can be "fitted into" them and thereby declared to be the event supposedly foretold.

Neville and the cup: That one is possibly no more than sheer coincidence. Sybil was an observer of the children; Neville was an obvious klutz, and was well known to sew mahyam in various classes. She may have known this by his reputation in the staff lounge, or may simply have observed it. As for the color of the cup, she probably said for him to pick up the color cup she asked him to avoid "next time" before her "prophecy" that he would break one was made, or, there were many more of that color than the other, so that his getting the color she asked him not to break was likely. As for his then breaking a cup: Merely suggesting that he do so might make it likely that he would; or, she might have "nudged" him to break it, proving her "Prediction". Further, we all know a simple "repairo" spell would fix a broken cup, so why does she concern herself with any particular color cup being broken? If she desired, she could repair any that Neville dropped, just as Arthur Weasley fixed Harry's glasses for him, and just as the MOM person repaired the broken pot for Merope Gaunt. Sybil was "proving her point" by a contrived event, not making a valid prediction. I expect the same demonstration of her "skill" was made to every new class.

So I discount that as a example of true "prediction." She "suggested" the class klutz would break a cup, and the mere "suggestion" alone might have made him likely to do so; Neville's pechant for causing mayham was well known. She may have "nudged" the cup to make it break. And there was no reason to "lose" any favored cup to breakage. Phoney setup.

The "rabbit" was NOT an example of a "prediction come true". I explained why, but I took my cue from Hermionie, who explained it to all of us. The death of the rabbit was not something the owner forsaw or "had been dreading" to begin with {it was young, not an aged pet the owner would be expecting to die soon}, which was what the so-called "prophecy" concerned. In the second place, the event did not happen at the specified date, either. The student learned about it in that time frame, but the event happened long before she learned about it. That was simply a random life event which was "made to fit" the so-called "prophecy" by twisted logic.

As for "someone leaving forever", the implecation of Sybil's prediction was a death. Hermionies' chosing to quit the class was twisted to fit. Had no event arisin to fit that "prophecy", it would have been ignored; but Hermionies' leaving in that time line fit, so was taken to be the supposed "prediction" made. You note that Hermionie's name was not used, and the manner of "leaving us forever" was not specified.

Harry was supposed to die; the Hippogroff was supposed to die, and so on. Sybil made dozens of predictions which never came true. When a handful of real life events can be fitted into a few of her vague predictions, then we're supposed to accep that "she was right?" Hardly.

Sybil can't predict anything when she's trying. When she's not trying, real truths come out of her mouth. When she's reading Tarot cards while drunk, she reads a description of Harry who is hiding nearby, but says "that can't be right", when it is right!

In other words, Sybil does sometimes read things right but she doesn't have a clue when it is.

Noted: The "Prophecy" concerning Harry was partly made true by LV's acting upon it. But the major part ["neither can live while the other survives"] has so far not been true, and is pretty murkey as to its meaning. Dumbledore says one must kill the other, but so far, neither has and both are alive.

The second "trance" prophecy came true at once: Pettigrew set out in the proper time frame to re-join LV. That one was spot on .........

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