Anyone get the individual rerelease of the original trilogy dvds?
Did anyone get the dvds that came out last week? While I always want the original trilogy on dvd, there was no reason to get them with the pitiful effort Lucasfilm put into it (non anamorfic, no 5.1 digital sound).
I can imagine quite a bit.
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Yeah this is a release here in the states. They sell Episodes 4, 5, and 6 individually now when before you had to get them in a set. Plus the set didn't have the originals.
I can imagine quite a bit.
I would love to have the OT on DVD, it will always be the definitive edition for me, par perhaps some better effects here and there. However, I already have the 2004 editions, and I'm not going to fork out to get them again with a bonus disc that has the OT on. I can still enjoy Star Wars watching the 2004 edtion.

That and the art work on them is (although an improvement from the seperate 2004 edtion) HORRIBLE! Can't they just release the OT with the original artwork? The artwork change is Lucas' worst change of all in my opinion.
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I heard only recently that these were being released and as soon as I saw it I just started yelling:


I didn't fall for Lucas' pitifully transparent and painfully belabored point that he would never release the original theatrical versions of the first set of movies.

Given that they are now being released singly, I would wager that there will be at least one if not two more releases to continue padding Lucas' matress so that he can sleep better at night.

Of course, perhaps his $175 million donation to his alma mater might have something to do with it. I mean, just how many times can he give away that much money before he needs to announce he'll be doing another three Star Wars movies?

In answer to the question, though, no, I have not, nor will I, be purchasing the "latest and greatest" edition of Star Wars. I have my burned laser-disk-to-dvd editions, and I'm satisfied with those. I own too many copies on VHS to want to shell out one more time for what clearly will be a never-ending parade of new, revised, revamped, re-edited, semi-theatrical, quasi-reimagined editions.
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#6 has a review on them.
I can imagine quite a bit.

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