When you hear 'Star Wars' what is the first thing you see
Just trying to stimulate a bit of fun discussion.

Let's say Star Wars goes dormant for a few years (I know it's not but let's say you get a ten your gap like Trek between 69 and 79 or Jedi and Episode I), what's the first image that comes to mind when you hear 'Star Wars'. Is it Vader's mask, lightsaber, breathing, AT-ATs, what is it for you.

I guess for me, it will always be Vader's mask. The reason I say this is because of the packaging that Episode III has had with Vader's mask. That's probably the image I will associate the most. It's pop culture now.

Anyways, your thoughts?
I can imagine quite a bit.
To me it would either be an X-wing, a TIE fighter, or the death star. Probably a combination of all three, really. Those old school space battles were the best.
Probably Vader!

But I agree that space battles rule, that why I love the begining of Ep3 but wish it was extended, and AOTC needed alot more than just Jango chasing Obi Wan!
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Probably the famous logo. And then in another few milliseconds: Vader, lightsabers, planets, Yoda etc.
General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.
Pechark Wrote:Probably the famous logo. And then in another few milliseconds: Vader, lightsabers, planets, Yoda etc.

I was thinking the battle scene between Vader and Luke
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For me it is always the image of Luke on Tatooine, and the haunting melodies of the theme playing in the background. I don't know why, but that's what it is for me. Perhaps it's because I saw this movie first, in theaters and at such a young age, and it really stuck with me.

Vader's entrance onto the ship is the next thing that comes to mind, with the smoke clearing and his own theme song playing with the heavy thrums of doom and gloom at his black visage towering over the white-clad stormtroopers.
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Tie fighters.

I didn't get to actually see Star Wars until... 1993 !! All I had to go on in the early 1980s was the glimpse of TIE fighters on TV.

Did the Empire favour Necktie fighters or Bowtie fighters?
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The theme song, or "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away," something along the lines of that.
I'd say vadar, light sabres and the little beam/bullet the comes out of a blaster.
The mask of Darth Vader.
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Whenever someone mentions Star Wars, my friends and I all start humming the theme song, badly out of tune.

Personally though I think of my own little warped star wars image Darth Kitty. Just think a gray kitten with a Darth Vader hat on, sitting in a space ship with the death star hovering outside the widow.
a red lightsaber igniting

Death Star definitely Death Star, and then little Anarkin Skywalker, Whoa Whoa noise of light sabres, Jabba, Yeah ! and Leia In the slave girl scene!
Lightsabers for the most part, but every now and then I see Wicket the Ewok.
"All to easy!" <-- Darth Vader EP V :angry:
Lightsabers, Vader and my toys
storm troopers are it for me. There power in their in uniform imtimadating.
First thing I think of is Darth Vader's breathing.
First thing I see is I guess it would have to be Vader.
I would also think the logo and also probably light saber battles and the light sabers. Additionally blasters.
I think of Luke Skywalker standing looking at the moons on his home planet of Tatooine. Ok, I read the first book, when it was published. Giving my age away.
Lightsabers, or maybe the death star

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