death of Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin
Don't know if you have heard, but thought this was the best place to put it, reports have come in that Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter has died of a stingray barb to the heart while filming of Far North Qld.

Here is the link

If you are fan or not of Steve Irwins, this is sad news.
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Julia [SIZE=1]Confusedun: [/SIZE]
I am shocked but cant say surprised he was a high risk taker, still its such a shame, I really feel for his young family.

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It was a shock when I first read about it, and my thoughts do go out to the family. As Stripe says, he was a high risk taker, and I suppose one can't be surprised that his life ended doing what he loved to do. He was a good entertainer and I enjoyed watching his shows and I'm sure he will be missed by many.

RIP Steve Irwin
I was pretty shocked to see it when I saw the headline on Yahoo! news a few minutes ago. Even theough he took such risks, it's too bad because he seemed to genuinely love what he did and life in general.
This news made me cry.

He was a crazy, lovely guy. He was so much fun to watch. He had such enthusiasm with everything.

My heart goes out to his family.

With love.
The guy was a legend.
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I feel so bad for his family, coming from a young woman who recently lost her mother, That is so horrible. He was filming for his Daghter's new show, the poor girl, she must feel like it's her fault that he died. Poor Bindi, she saw her dad healthy and strong in the morning, but by nightfall.... and his son, the poor kid. he's going to grow up with out memories of his father, ask terri why he doesn't have a daddy when he's older, the poor kid. My sister is 8 like Bindi, and she was devistated by mom's death, even when we all knew that she was going to die, at least my sister had warning, Bindi will be blaming herself and wishing she had spent more time with her dad. Even if she had been with him every moment of her life before now, she'd still feel as if she didn't spend enough time with him. it's so hard to lose a loved one, especally when you're young. Robert won't understand what's going on, so he's lucky in that aspect. but I feel so bad for Bindi. Her being the oldest and so young. Terri is probably devistated, and this will stick with her for the rest of her life. She imagined going through life with Steve at her side, not alone. she pictured Steve walking Bindi down the isle, but he'll never get to do that now. Bindi will get over her dad's death in a few months, but Terri will be in pain for years before she can go about life in anything resembling an ordinary fassion. I wish Terri, Bindi, and Robert the best of luck in their hard times, and I want to let them know, there is hope, never lose sight of that. there is always hope. never give up on hope, because if you give up on hope, you give up on yourself. so Terri, Bindi, and Robert, My thoughts and prayers are with you always. I wish you luck.
This is indeed unfortunate and tragic. I've watched Mr. Irwin for years, marvelling at his daring and often shaking my head in disbelief. I was amazed at his exploits with crocodiles which were his first foray into the international media, but then when he expanded into other animals of equally deadly ability, I remained both impressed, and awed. For the most part, he seemed to have a genuine respect and love for nature, and the animals that inhabited it.

Condolences certainly to his family and friends.
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I wrote a poem for Bindi, I'm hoping that she gets to see it some day... NOTE: It's very long

The Pillar

There was someone there before,
Someone who held me tight
Someone who said it’d be alright
On the dark, stormy nights
Someone who loved me,
Who cared and showed me the way
Someone who could make everything alright
A pillar of strength, who stood there,
Strong for me
My pillar did everything for me
Loved me to no end
They said they’d die for me
But my pillar’s gone now.
Fallen down
Crumbled at my feet
No matter what I did,
My pillar fell
I couldn’t save my pillar
But My Pillar saved me
I wish my pillar hadn’t gone
Never left
Still stood strong
I wish my pillar was
Back where it belonged
My pillar loved me
I only wish my pillar had loved me
Enough to live for me,
Not die for me
My pillar left a family
Because my pillar loved
My pillar left children
And loved
My pillar left a spouse
And my pillar loved
Now I must be a pillar,
But I’m small and weak
Not like my pillar was
My pillar was tall and mine
I’m not ready to be a pillar
But I must be
I hope I can close to being as loving
As my pillar was
My pillar held up my world
Now I must hold it up myself
My pillar held up the sky
Now the weight is on me
My pillar wasn’t scared
Not like me
I’m scared
I’m alone
My pillar wasn’t
My pillar had people all around it
My pillar was the center of a crowd
I’m all alone
Except for my family
My pillar was a child, a parent, a friend
My pillar had children, parents, friends
My pillar was strong and brave and kind
I’m not brave like my pillar
Or strong like my pillar
But I’m kind like my pillar
I love like my pillar
I care like my pillar
I try like my pillar
I used to think my pillar would be there forever
Now I know it couldn’t
My pillar was here for a while
My pillar made me smile
My pillar loved
And my pillar was loved
If only my pillar loved me enough
To live for me
Not to die for me
My pillar loved me all its days
My pillar held me when I was afraid
My pillar can’t be there now
So I must try to be strong
I must help everyone along
I must be a pillar
This pillar will love too
This pillar, though, will love
Love everyone enough to live for them
This pillar won’t love enough
To die for someone
This pillar will love more
Love enough to live for everyone
This pillar knows
My pillar’s gone, so now I’m strong

That was the most beautiful poem, you had me in tears. I do hope Bindi gets to see it one day.

Well done
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You don't stop laughing because you grow old, You grow old because you stop laughing
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Julia [SIZE=1]Confusedun: [/SIZE]
R.I.P. Steve.-He was a daring man.
R.I.P. Steve- you were very entertaining.
Gatemage Wrote:I wrote a poem for Bindi, I'm hoping that she gets to see it some day... NOTE: It's very long

The Pillar

That is beautiful Gatemage.

A lot of thought in there.

Many thanks.

With love.
His shows were entertaining... not as informative as Attenborough (I keep forgetting if it's Richard or David), but entertaining.

How will this affect other similar shows like Jeff Corwin, and some of the others?
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"Oh my God! There's an axe in my head!" :worry:
I particularly remember Irwin dancing around a spitting Cobra. He had me shaking with fear and thinking this was really dangerous. A freak sting to the heart. How very sad and yet.....
Deepest condolences to the family

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