What LOTR Character do You Hate the MOst???

Well the LOTR character i hate the most is funnily enough FRODO. I hate him because he is weak, and sooooo mean to poor sam.
He kept on putting on the ring when gandalf told him not too, he couldn't defend himself at weathertop where the other hobbits at least tried and at mount domm he was saying no to sam to destroying the ring. He would of kept it for himself only that gollum came and wanted the ring for himself and then they were both fighting for it, and frodo wasn't fighting for it to then destroy it he was fighting for it to get it for himself. That is how weak he is. And he also made sam cry (*sniffle*) anyway yeah I HATE HIM!!!!!!
I hate Gollum, Theoden and Denethor. Gollum is a creep, Theoden's a wimp and Denethor is mentally ill.
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I can't stand Gollum, Denethor, and the nine black riders. Gollum is too creepy and just... ugh, Denethor is crazy and selfish, and the nine riders are just evil
Oh, and I don't like Saruman,Wormtounge (however you spell it), or the orks

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