~What is Your Favorite LOTR Character???

Well my favorite character in LOTR is of coarse Aragorn (as you can see from my name) because he is the best fighter (well in my eyes anyway), he is soooo good looking, he is a Adorable character and he is just made me fall in love with him!!!!!! Also after watching LOTR and loving aragorn i became a fan of Viggo Mortensen!!!!

But apart from Aragorn I love arwen, and pippen!!!! oh and in a weird way gollum, he is just kind of cute in his own way, i know he was an evil lil thing but you have to remmember that if it wasn't for him the ring would not have been destroyed!!!!
My favorite is Aragorn and Gandalf. Aragorn is just awesome and Gandalf, well, is too.
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Because he's wise, brave and powerful.
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Pippin is definitely my favorite character.
1. He's the funniest character in the movie, plus he's a "Fool of a Took", which just makes him even better
2. He's a hobbit and I love hobbits
3. Most of the time he's totally oblivious to whatever is going on
4. He's got a great heart


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my fav. charector is defenantly legolas he is so cool!!!!
but my second fav. is Aragorn
My favorite character is Legolas. Watching him kind of 'calms' me, as the way he acts is very serene. he has this glow of serenity surrounding him. What I also like about him is his alertness, he always knows what's going to happen. And very admirable, he "feels" everything... he feels it when people are restless, he knows when nature is hurt, .... It's this quality that most people lack, and yet he possesses that makes him my favorite character.

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