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Is there a white lightsaber in the movies? This is something we are arguing about with my friends. They say that there isn't and I say that there is. Please say if white lightsabers exist in the movies.
I'm pretty sure theres not.
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In the original release and some of the VHS and laserdisk releases of A New Hope Luke's and Obi-Wan's blue lightsabers at times appear to be white from the front and the side. It was a factor of the special effects available at the time.

Lucas later played with this quite a bit in subsequent releases so that at times Luke's lightsaber in A New Hope appeared to be green.

I don't recall there being any other instances of a "white" lightsaber.
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I suppose in a way there are white lightsabers, as the centre of every lightsaber is white, and surrounded by a colour. But there are no totally white lightsabers to my knowledge.
General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.
I'll have to follow with everyone here that I haven't seen any white lightsabers other than what RobRoy said in that in A New Hope sometimes it appears white because of the movie's age and the technology used at the time.
I can imagine quite a bit.
i'm pretty sure there is a white lightsaber that exists. It is just not used in the films
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As Rob Roy said The special effects were very limited at the time. George Lucas wanted his movies to have the special effects that came about a few years after the release of the 6th movie. So George Lucas Remade the movie with the new, improved special effects. Now, all movies on Dvd are made with the special effects that he wanted.
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:laugh: HA HA! I go to this RP site and you get to build your own lightsaber. Mines white. Coincidence. But as it was said before, no there wasn't a white saber in the movies it's all a matter of effects.
I saw a white lightsaber, I'm serious, it was all white, not just the core, only thing is, it was in a Star Wars Christmas special. But it had no relation to the main films and I saw it a long time ago.

By the way, why would you want a white lightsaber?

I wish they maid an orange Lightsaber.
When I was little I came up with orange also.Smile But a white lightsaber is cool! It kinda makes the person feel important. Like a black lightsaber!:bounce: Question answered!

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