Two questions??
I am just reading my first Andre Norton book, To the King, A Daughter. Is there a sequel?
And what books has Andre Norton written about cats?
I love fantasy or sci fi books having to do with cats.
I forgot my name..that happens when you have 53 of them!~!~!
KNIGHT OR KNAVE by Andre Norton and Sasha Miller, 2001

A CROWN DISOWNED by Andre Norton and Sasha Miller, 2002

are both follow on books to the original TO THE KING A DAUGHTER.

As for Andre Norton books about cats. . . . . All Andre Norton books are about cats. Specifically there are the anthologies and children books.

CATFANTASTIC - short stories edited by Andre Norton
STAR KA'AT - series of 4 books written with Dorothy Madlee

The future of cats can be found in
DAY OF THE NESS (children/YA book)
I figured Weyse was a cat.

Thankyou for responding.

Ohh gooddiee...I didn't know there was a CatFantastic.
I forgot my name..that happens when you have 53 of them!~!~!
Yes Sarah,
There are five Catfantastics. All five are full of exciting and wonderful stories The fist one, called simply Catfantastic has 16 stories and Catfantastic V has 24 tales(or should that be "tails") with II, III, and IV falling somewhere between those numbers. Personally I like V the best because I wrote the story on page 107. Go out and buy all of them and get ready for a treat. later--Paul
Quote:Originally posted by Irene

As for Andre Norton books about cats. . . . . All Andre Norton books are about cats.

Uh.... meow? I know why you say that but it is a SLIGHT exaggeration. Tell me where the cat is in SCENT OF MAGIC for instance. Well, there probably are a batch. It's the "Sound" book that I'm thinking of and can't remember the title. There are probably others as well with negligable or no cats.

OTOH, there is Mark of the Cat and Year of the Rat (Meisha Merlin) for hard care kitty cuddlers. (Yes, the Rat book has LOTS of cats. Lots and lots of cats that "talk" to everyone they feel like talking to.)
Actually,Irene is closer than you think, Irv. Knowing Andre, one must presume that there is alwys a CAT! Even if it is not mentioned, it is there somewhere in the background (probably running the show). How else do the main charcters regain their equlibrium than by cuddling up with their favorite feline when the reader isn't looking? And what is more conducive to the learning or maintainance of humility than changing the litter box? Of course, She has written of many cats, my personal favorites being the kittens in Follow The Drum. I am sure that, to misquote the bard, "There are more cats in heaven and earth(and Andre Norton books) than were dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio! (Irv)" Later kind folks--Paul
I agree with you Paul. Cat's are there somewhere. Even though the Prince Commands, had a large dog-which is rare in a Norton tale, there was probably a cat in the hat, or background. As for "running the show", my real life "shop cat", HEIDI, a gift from Andre, certainly does that. Even though today is my day off, i must hurry in to the store and feed the queen and exercise humility in the water closet region.

SarahAnne, of the many names, it is delightful to find that after 150+ novels, someone is always discovering Andre Norton works anew. Enjoy your reads.

Agressive Pursuer of Andre Norton material and addicted Karaoke singer!
AH but there must ALWAYS be CATS!

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