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Well if any of you people are Jewish, that would really help, because I'm doing a project on Judaism and there is one part I can't really answer unless I talk to someone Jewish. I need to know how Jews get along with other religions? and how the religion is percieved by the wider community? and possibly some examples of co-operation and of conflict between the Jewish community and the wider society? (including stuff about the Holocaust)
If you know or are Jewish could you reply soon, the project is due in two days!!! Thanks
Well I'm not Jewish myself so maybe my opinion doesn't coun for much but IMHO Jews come in all shades just as any other religious or cultural group does. I have Jewish friends who wouldn't treat anybody any differently for being Jewish or non Jewish, and you wouldn't tell they were Jewish from their attitdes or anything else if you didn't know. In fact these people have been my friends for years and I only recently discovered they were Jewish. But I also understand hat some sections of the Jewish community try to maintain all aspects of their cuture as strongly as possible andthis can include a ceratin degree of voluntary segregation for example in the schools they send their kids to and in who they choose as friends etc. And then there are thousands of intermediate shades.

So what is typcally Jewish? I don't think that such a 'typical' exists.
Thanks shadowfax. I'll definately use what you said, and thanks for the great vocabulary, that'll help too.
Could you please ask your Jewish friends if they know of any instances of co-operation and of conflict between the Jewish community and the wider society? Like if they know anything about the Holocaust and the religious background of it, specifically. Who was against the Jews in that religious sense.
Thanks for your help!
I will try to find out more.

Meanwhile, concerning the Holocaust, one interesting article you could start off by reading is this:

Hi Willow.

I don't know where you are, but in Britain there is the Jewish Council. They are probably in the phone book. I did a project at school and found them extremely helpful.

As Shadow said there are many shades of Judiasm.

There are the ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jews. They are very strict. I used to work for an Orthodox Jewish company. The Hasidic Jews I knew, did not watch television or read magazines or newspapers. They studied the law of the Torah. Their children went to the Jewish schools.

Then there are the Orthodox Jews who are a little more OK with reading magazines and watching certain TV programmes. They follow the Kosher laws as would the ultra Orthodox Jews. All of the Jewish festivals were acknowledged. At Passover, we would clean our desk drawers out to make sure that no food or any other product was left in the drawers. The kitchen was cleaned and sealed. We had a Kosher restaurant in the building and all of the Kosher laws were abided by.

I also worked at a company that was run and owned by Liberal Jews. This covers a large area.
The Liberal Jews I worked for ate bacon and did not follow the Kosher laws. They read newspapers, magazines and watched TV and like a good many of us, used bad language at times. They would go to the synagogue as one would probably go to a church for the odd wedding or christening.

Within Judaism itself there are a few problems. Orthodox Jews have problems with the less orthodox. There are still people called Match Makers who arrange marriages for young couples.

I was made aware of a situation where a wife did not keep a Kosher kitchen and this was legal grounds in the religion for the husband to ask for a divorce.
To a lot of people this may seem severe. Some may see it has an excuse to get rid of a wife and some may look at it that if a wife is fed up all she has to do is stop keeping a Kosher kitchen!

An old boss of mine was a child in Belson. He rarely spoke of the situation. He still has a fear of dogs because of the dogs used in the camps by the guards.

I have come across Jews who have been extremely beautiful in nature. I met a lovely Rabbi who was one of the nicest men I have ever met. On the other had one of the rudest people I have ever met was a guy from Israel, who felt that because I was not Jewish, I was not worth speaking to. It takes all sorts.

I wish you well in your subject. I think Judaism is a very interesting subject. It has lots of history and rituals.

With love.
Thank You so much Lorne, that information will really help me.
and thanks again Shadowfax, for that website.
Thank You so much, I got an A!!!
whomping willow Wrote:Thank You so much, I got an A!!!

Well done whompy.

Glad to be of help.

With love.
I wonder what you wrote Tongue no Jews actually responded to this topic.

I'm Jewish. I'm a reform Jew. not very religious. never kept kosher (but i only eat kosher hotdogs and I don't eat pigs). I stay out of temple if I can help it Big Grin I do feel strong cultural ties with other Jews and I hope to visit Israel.

just went to a cousins' Bat Mitzvah today. I think she is either conservative or orthodox. Most of my relatives on my father's side are conservative or semi-orthodox. But they basically pick and choose what they want to follow. Some are Kosher, others aren't.

There has always been hatred of Jews.

I guess you have already written your assignment, but I could give you a Jewish insight on stuff Wink Tongue
HOBBIT Wrote:-----------
There has always been hatred of Jews.

I guess you have already written your assignment, but I could give you a Jewish insight on stuff Wink Tongue

If you still want to share, I for one would be interested in learning more ...

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