I saw it
I finally saw BloodRayne over the weekend. I was too curious. This is not a movie you would watch with your kids, but I was entertained. Some of my buddies from work at UMd were talking about it seeing it so we did. We decided to ignore who directed it and had some fun with the film. Loken is very nice on the eyes!:leech: Come on, where can you see Ben Kinglsey and Meatloaf in the same movie. Gotta love that...hehe
did you love it because it was unintentionally funny?
Why is Uwe Boll allowed to do movies?
Yalmuk Wrote:Why is Uwe Boll allowed to do movies?

Indeed. His latest attempt at self-promotion, announced this week, he's issued a challange to his most vocal critics (most of them IMDb users) to fight him in a boxing match.

"Towards the end of the filming of Postal the five most outspoken critics will be flown into Vancouver and supplied with hotel rooms. As a guest of Uwe Boll they will be given the chance to be an extra/stand-in in Postal and have the opportunity to put on boxing gloves and enter a BOXING RING to fight Uwe Boll. Each critic will have the opportunity to bring down Uwe in a 10-bout match. There will be five matches planned over the last two days of the movie. Certain scenes from these boxing matches will become part of the Postal movie. All five fights will be televised on the Internet and will be covered by international press."
btw guys the topic starter works for Universal or Uwe Boll or somebody to promote the movie.

He started topics on dozens (that I saw) of movie message boards/forums including here in December

That was to promote the movie in theaters.

Now he is trying to promote it on DVD. He again has posted a topic like this at least a dozen movie message boards or forums.

Probably more.

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