R2-D2, the real hero!
Yes he is a hero without hiim there would be no Star Wars, don't believe me?

Episode 1- Saves the ship from utter destruction.
Result-There would have been no Anikan Sakywalker.

Episode 2-Saves that peasent [masking edited - RR] Padme from a fiery death.
Result-No Luke/Leai

Episode 3-Not only warns Anikan and Obi-Wan about the shields on the Invisible Hand, he helps them with the elevators thus being crushed.
Result- seperatised would have won and then Palp and Dooku and Grivouse would take the Galaxy.

Episode 4- Garbage masher.
Result- No OT and Empire would have kept going.

Episode 5- Opened doors to Falcon and fixed hyper drive.
Result-They would have been vaporized without the doors by blasters and they would haave been spacedust without the hyperdrive.

Episode 6- If they had sent 3-P0 by himself to Jabba's he wouldn't have made it into the front doors. He part of the way opened the door for Solo to get into the reactor room.
Result- No Solo and the Death Star would have destroyed the whole rebel fleet.

...R2-D2, the real Star Wars hero!
I want to say we've discussed this before but I'll have to search for the thread to see if we did but yes R2-D2 did have an important role in all of the movies which is part of the reason why he's a fan favorite.
I can imagine quite a bit.
On your ROTS comment, it makes no difference, Palpatine got the galaxy anyway, the only difference is that Dooku's there-I would very much doubt Grievous would get a look in. Or perhaps not even Dooku.
General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.
I agree, R2 is the man. He had a valueable role in the SW saga, and a great personality for a droid.
"All to easy!" <-- Darth Vader EP V :angry:

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