Being the only man alive=no rejection
Being the only man alive significantly reduces the potential for rejection in my view. And it cuts performance anxiety practically to nothing.

There's a woman in this story, too.
Don't get your hopes up.
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Well, it's fiction. It's not fan fiction, unless it Generic Apocalypse Fan Fiction, but that's ok.

It was well and cleverly written, but not my thing. I wanted to see some kind of motivation for the main character, and he was beyond bland. The whole tone of the story is bleak, bland acceptance, which I find depressing and unrealistic.

And I hold that two things for which one should never settle are gin and platonic relationships.
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Although I enjoyed the writing style, and was compelled to read it to the end, I found it quite dreary and depressing - definate kudos to the author as I did think it worth reading, but it's not the type of thing I'd go for on a regular basis. I also agree with the comments about the main character - I prefer people who I can emphasis with in some way or at least I recognise in one of my friends....he just seemed the type of person I'd have never spoken to except to borrow a pen from in class - but maybe that was the intent of the writer?

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