unwanted e-mail notifications
When I re-registerd I clicked the e-mail notification box on user profiles; I soon realized I didn't want this and clicked it off- but the notifications keep coming.
Thanks for your attention.
I have the exact same problem.
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Hmmm. Ok next time you go into a thread that is sending you email notifications, click on reply. Then scroll down to the bottom and make sure that the box that says Email Notification: emails sent to you whenever someone replies. Only registered users are eligible is unchecked. It could be that you were already subscribed to a few threads and changing your User CP didn't change those threads you were subbed to and you'll have to manually click it off. Please let me know if this works or not so Dixie can take a look at it.
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I'm still getting some email notifications. I just checked one of the threads I'm getting it from, and the box was unchecked.
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