The Pink Panther
I saw this movie tonight, and I thought it was pretty good. It's kind of an anomaly. Most comedies today are pretty crude and base (think American Pie et al.), so the purely slapstick & wordplay based comedy that it recreates seems anachronistic.

Will people know what to do with it? It was number one at the US box office last week with over 20 million dollars, not a bad take given the box office climate this year, and the fact that there was (I can't figure why) a lot of negative press surrounding the film before it even came out. Near as I can tell it was all speculation, I'm not sure why they all thought it was "doomed to fail."

Overall I enjoyed it, it was a fun little romp, innocent almost, maybe not as funny as the originals, but a faithful tribute none the less. I think Steve Martin is great in the role, and I've been a fan of Jean Reno's ever since I first saw The Professional, and he became one of my favourites after Ronin.

Any one else see it? I'm curious as to your thoughts. Rob Roy? August? I'd love to know what you guys thought if you happened to see it, I suspect that you tw ohave seen the old ones, also.

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