Andre Norton Bibliography
Does anyone know of the most updated Bibliography for The Lady?
All I can find on the net ether stops at 1994 or 2002.
I know that its been hard to write about her sense her passing, specially on my part, but I would really like to get a clearer view of all she has written so I can continue my collecting.
Cheap plug.
The Andre Norton Bibliography that Roger Schloben and Irene Harrison did, published by NESFA press. Has a link to the Addenda
Indeed the Addenda stops in 2002.

I was so sure that I've sent them a more recent Addenda. I'll check, and try to get that posted.
Irene, please let us know when it's updated--I'd like to print it out and put it in my copy of the Bibliography. (I use it often when I'm checking things out at Bookfinder or eBay...)
I plan to do this.

Right Now NESFA is busy getting ready for their convention next weekend 2/17-19. I know that this weekend is another "work" session, and I plan on stopping by their club house. I'll ask about getting an update put on the site later this month.

Of course that means I need to update the Addenda to 2006, I think my copy at home of the Addenda only went to 2004 (which was the last time I asked them to post).
I've just checked my home computer. The latest Addenda I have is 2002.

I am so ashamed. Right after next weekend, I'll swap my records from my "short" list (named because each reference is encoded to be short) and my complete bio notebook into something bibliographical.

OK, well maybe after I do my taxes - I certainly need the money.

But I will do this, really.

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