Corpse Bride
I hear the release date for the dvd is the 31st of this month according to, im pretty excited i missed this in theatres but I really love tim burton and his stop motion animation in nightmare before christmas. Im glad to see he has put so much effort into a new claymation movie, 4 years I think it was to make this one !
Hi, clones. Welcome to SF-F. I'm not sure about that four years figure. My impression is that I recall this one being on a fast track, much faster than the production time for NBX, anyway.

I'll be interested to hear what you thought of it after you see it, since you're a Burton fan. I'm a huge fan of Tim's work, too. I'll hold my personal thoughts until you've seen it, though, I don't to cloud your judgment! Welcome to SF-F, by the way!
Hiya Boomstick

I caught this movie last night in an outdoor cinema. In a nutshell, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I am a Burton fan in most instances. This movie is no exception; it is distinctly Burton, so typically so that I would imagine it has a fairly narrow target audience given the content.

I remember listening to the Burton commentary on Sleepy Hollow, and from that is was clear that Burton is a great lover of the good old fashioned b&w Hollywood movies. Corpse Bride is very much told as an old b&w movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed from a film making point of view. Interestingly, in the movie it is the land of the living which is portrayed in b&w, while the land of the dead is portrayed in a riot of colours. Very interesting idea.

I found the topic potentially rather morbid, but the tone and timing of the directing worked really well together to bring together a darkly funny movie. In anyone else's hands the movie would have been dark and gloomy, or slapstick funny. In Burton's hands the movie is well balanced and very unique. My fiance finds the movie too unique and different to be able to adequately comment, but for me the uniqueness is delightful.

Two of my favourite scenes in the movie involve pianos. In one scene he casually plays the piano which his living bride overhears. The amount of camera time that lingers on Vincent playing the piano I feel to be very daring, brave and bold, considering it to be an animated film. The other scene is when he plays a duet with Emily (The Corpse Bride). Where words fail Vincent, communicating in his ability to play the piano makes it a wonderful scene, once again, especially in light of the fact it is an animated movie.

Enough for me for now; I'd love to write a heap more when I get the chance. This movie definitely gets the thumbs up. It is a daring movie, daring in that it is so unique. Even if some people do not enjoy the movie, I am sure they would have to acknowledge its originality.

~ Matt
I'm looking forward to watching it again, cause I only saw it once in the theater, and I maybe wasn't in a mood to fully appreciate it.
I actually got this last week. I think it came out on tuesday. the website is pretty cool too. I think the best part will be that desktop maggot you can download. Wasn't much of a fan of this sort of stuff til recently. But it is cool. check out the official site if you haven't yet.

Tim Burton's wonderful stop-motion film "Corpse Bride" received an Oscar nomination last week for best animated feature. (Go Tim!!!! )

:finger: click here for Tim's short Q&A with Newsweeks Nicki Gostin.

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If any animated movie derserves an oscar it would be corpse bride. I hadn't seen it at the theater but picked up the dvd as something to watch on a rainy day (I wasn't really expecting anything but to kill 90 minutes) but after watching the movie I can't say that it's anything less than phenominal. Really, I am completely blown away that this was made using stop motion animation. I saw Curse of the Wererabbit a few months back and though it was well made but Corpse Bride is absolutely breath taking. It's now my favorite animated movie and I watch a lot of animated movies (such as Studio Ghibli anime, wallace and gromit, pixar etc)
I have bookmarked the official site and have entered the poetry contest. I just hope that Tim Burton continues to make stop motion movies. Not to knock CGI or other forms of animation but there is nothing that draws you into the fantasy world as much as stop motion movies like corpse bride.
While it certainly deserves a nomination compared to other types of popular animation-which all seems to be CGI-I think that animation is the only thing it could be nominated for. Compared to NBX, at least, it wasn't exactly spectacular. Could anyone compare it to James and the Giant Peach? Better? Worse? I never saw that film.

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