favorite lightsaber
What is your favorite lightsaber and why?
Mine is Mace Windu's because the handle has a mixture of gold and silver and I like the purple colour.
I also like the look of Yoda's because it is said that he has an ancient lightsaber.
same .....................................
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Hmm, I think Count Dooku's, as I see it as the most unique lightsaber, apart from Maul's perhaps, but Maul's handle is really boring looking.

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General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.
Paplpatines, like how he conceals it up in his sleave
Count Dooku is the best for my opinion
Pechark Wrote:Hmm, I think Count Dooku's, as I see it as the most unique lightsaber, apart from Maul's perhaps, but Maul's handle is really boring looking.

Darth Pechark
I think Count Dooku's looks like an old mans walking stick.
I like Gui-Gon's lightsaber...I know it looks the most simplistic but I bet it is the most comfortable and I think it looks cool...
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I would have to say Obi Wans lightsaber from episodes III - IV and Mace Windues saber from II-III.
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I think I would have to say Darth Maul's. It was really cool. The only thing that ruined it for me was that they showed that he would have a double bladed lightsaber in the Episode I trailers. If they never showed that, then I think when people watched the movie they would have been really excited to see the double bladed saber for the first time. Also, looking at arm's avatar, don't you think that the kid who played young Anakin has a really fat head?
Obi-Wan's in EP. III and Luke's EP. VI. I like the look of Mace Windu's with the gold, but there is still something there that makes the design of it kind of dull to me.
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my favorites gotta be mace windu because of the unique color and design

or Darth Siddeus`s because the hilt design is just insane.
I like Dooku's best as well. It was odd, but apart from Darth Maul's, obviously, it's the only sabre I could ever distinguish from another one at glance.
Obi-Wans lightsaber from ROTS.
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I'd have to say Luke's saber from Epi VI. When it first appeared on screen (during the original release in theatres). I thought AWESOME, a Green Blade, when all the audience had seen was Blue and Red up to that point.
During the escape from the sarlacc pit scene when the hilt pops up from Artoo, I thought "Cool, Luke's got another saber." Then Luke throws the switch and " Hey! It's green." You should have heard the audience cheer. Even Vader was immpressed by Luke's saber, when Luke turns himself in, to meet with the Emperor.

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Count Dooku and Darth Malak
which are yours favourites light sabers

my is two-handed green:lol:
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For the record, I would go with Luke's lightsaber from Return of the Jedi. At the time, it was different than the others and it was green.
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you stole my question jar jar i was first who wrote that letter i think you are really unfair
frkman Wrote:you stole my question jar jar i was first who wrote that letter i think you are really unfair

No, I merged your question with a thread that someone else had already asked. If you look at the time of Jar Jar's post it was in December 2005.

You might want to do a search of anything with "favorite" in it. Odds are it's been asked already.

There are plenty of threads with lots of different topics and I was trying to show you that other people have answered your post in the past.
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