How much did Grievous know?
This came to me after reading the last few replies of the reborn thread discussing the meaning of Grievous' words' "Army or not, you must realise that you are doomed!" Which has provoked my thoughts into wondering about how much Grievous knew about the entire plan of Palpatine. I suppose first we must think about how Grievous got into it:

He is origionally a Kaleesh warrior fighting the Republic-supported Huks. San Hill then arranges for a bomb to be detonated in Grievous' shuttle, in order to weaken Grievous so that he may be drilled into Seperatist requirements. (That is my take on the purpose of Hill's bomb anyhow) Grievous is given the cyborg body and promises to serve Dooku for the seperatists. Grievous is then known to capture Palpatine, eventually lose Palpatine, and then finally faces his death on Utapau. So how much does Grievous know?

I personally believe that Grievous was, like the rest of the Seperatist council, a pawn in the entire orchestrated plan. As for Palpatine's capture, he was probably ordered to not harm Palpatine that he Dooku may do something with Palpatine alive. Of course it is all a matter of speculation, and until Lucas says we'll never really know (has Lucas said, please tell me if he has)

General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.
While I don't know the answer, I agree that Grevious was a pawn of Sideous and simply a means to get what he wanted. I don't think he knew who Palpatine/Sideous was but I simply don't have the information.
I can imagine quite a bit.
As the command of the droid army, I still think that General G. knew something of the plans. IMO, it just makes no sense to say that the you are doomed speach and just mean, "hey, i'm gonna kill you." It may not be, but there sounds like a plot to me. As stated earlier, we'll never really know, but it at least makes the story a little more interesting to!
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I just think that line was specifically aimed at Obi-Wan, as a taunt, no meaning at all. as for the overall view, i think he probably didnt know much because he was somewhat rushed into the CIS army.

more on G.G.: San Hill, leader of the Clan, noticed that Grievous was both a brilliant strategist and an excellent fighter, and mentioned him to the Confederacy of Independent Systems leader, Count Dooku. Led by Darth Sidious, the Sith Lords conspired to draw Grievous into the Separatist army. Despite Hill's generous offers, however, Grievous refused to lead the Separatist army.Sidious, Dooku, and Hill arranged to have a bomb planted on the shuttle Grievous was on, and to blame it on the Republic. Grievous was mortally wounded in the crash, and his shattered, dying body was taken to the planet Geonosis, where his brain, eyes, and other organs were to be implanted into a droid body forged by Geonosians that would complement his natural reflexes. It might have been his rage at the Republic, whom he believed caused his shuttle crash; it might have been a feeling of gratitude toward the Separatists for saving his life and giving him a new and improved body; or it might have been the modification that Banking Clan scientists made to his brain while he was unconscious; but when Grievous woke up in his new body he was more than willing to take up Hill's offer and agree to lead the Separatist troops throughout the galaxy against the Republic.
I tend to think philosophically about things, so that's how I got my thoughts about General G. It probably was intended as a personal threat to Kenobi, but like I said I have a habit of looking into things too much.

Another question however, does anyone know why Greivous coughs all the time?
"All to easy!" <-- Darth Vader EP V :angry:
Saber Wrote:I tend to think philosophically about things, so that's how I got my thoughts about General G. It probably was intended as a personal threat to Kenobi, but like I said I have a habit of looking into things too much.

Another question however, does anyone know why Greivous coughs all the time?

Grevious was injured in a duel with Mace Windu while kidnapping Palpatine prior to the start of ROTS. The Clone Wars 2 cartoon covers it and/or Labrynth of Evil. If I remember Mace uses a force push and damages his chest plate.
I can imagine quite a bit.
what does damaging his chesplate have to do with if he knew palpitines plans or not
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General G knew nothing of Sid's master plan. According to the book of episode 3 he was very annoyed as to why he was not allowed to kill Palps, so thus if he knew anything of the grand plan he would have known they were one and the same person.
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General G. did'nt know anything about "Palps" plan, he did not know that they were one and the same person either. thus not knowing this made him even more angry, because 1)he's still angry about being ressurected as a cyborg 2)he's angry about all the damages that mace gave him And 3)he does'nt even like "Sid"

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One things for sure, Girvouse is an angry person.:lol: Oh it was a force crush on his chest not push.

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