Xena episodes you could do without?
*gasp!* Yes, if you could omit any Xena episode from any of the seasons what would they be?

Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Four:

Season Five:

Season Six:
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I would quite definitely omit Married with Fishsticks. Barring that I would probably omit Legacy.... it was a good episode but I thought it was a rather tired theme with the guilty feeling Gabby.
Interesting topic Akasha:
Season 1: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts, Athens: City Academy, Is There a Doctor in the House?
Season 2: A Solstice Carol, Ulysses
Season 3: The Debt 1 & 2, Tsunami (Why use Autolycus in an episode where he can't do acrobatics?)
Season 4: A Good Day, Paradise Found
Season 5: Lifeblood, Anthony and Cleopatra
Season 6: Heart of Darkness, Send in the Clones, When Fates Collide, Soul Possession
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Season 1
Greeks, Athens City Academy

Season 2
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Season 3

Season 4
The Way, The play's the thing

Season 5
NONE!!! Smile

Season 6
SOUL POSSESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Married with Fishsticks and anything after Xena got pregnant.
Adventures in the Sin Trade... too much darkness, too much blood-drinking, too much... Alti Tongue as much as I love her character, she's gotta be one of the most annoying villains in the entire Xenaverse x_x
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*shrug* I don't actively dislike any of the eps, but there are some I don't go out of my way to watch again.

Season by season, maybe:

One: Cradle of Hope

Two: The Execution

Three: King Con

Four: The Way

Five: Little Problems

Six: Legacy
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Hmm, just one per season?

S1: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
S2: Ulysses
S3: Vanishing Act
S4: Between the Lines
S5: Lifeblood
S6: Soul Possession
As many as you want to add to your list.
"Some people say you are going the wrong way, when it's simply a way of your own." ~ Angelina Jolie

I'm one of those people who likes almost every episode of Xena in one way or an other. But of course there are some that I think the show could have done without.

season one: Prometheus (because of the silly egg-men)
season two:
season three: King con
season four:
season five: Married with fishsticks
season six: Heart of darkness
Season 1: The Titans and Prometheus
Season 2: Ulysses and The Giant Killer
Season 3: Forgiven and Vanishing Act
Season 4: Key to the Kingdom and The Play's the Thing
Season 5: Eternal Bonds and Lifeblood
Season 6: Send in the Clones and Soul Possession
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S1: Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
S2: The Execution
S3: King Con
S4: The Play's The Thing
S5: Anthony and Cleopatra
S6: Legacy and Soul Possession
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See, I dislike threads like these cause I'm always bound to see a few episodes I love in some people's lists, lol
lol... but it's everyone's choice... ^^ for sure you can explain us which ones you like and why, and we could tell you why we don't like those we chose... And if you want to, take my messenger adress and we'll talk about it and XWP, I always to talk to fans about the show

So, see you!
"To conquer others is to have power... To conquer yourself is to know the Way." Lao Ma

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