Episodes 7, 8 and 9
Here's a question: Does anybody know if Episodes 7-9 exist?
I read in a magazine article that George Lucas originally wrote nine episodes, but only decided to make 6. And I found a website (I'll give you the link later, I can't find it right now) which claims to have the 'official plots' of Ep 7-9. I read them, they involve characters like Mara Jade and Anakin Solo and Ben Skywalker (expanded universe characters). However, in a TV interview Lucas said that there was no such thing as Ep 7-9.
What do you know about this?
May the Force be with you (and with me)
iffy, if you got it from an unofficial site its most likely untrue, Also consider that theres no history written for Ben Skywalker as of yet.
This has been discussed before.


I can imagine quite a bit.

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