i may be in the wrong place but i am new to the star wars things and i want to know where is the best place to get star wars stuff:question: if i am in the wrong place can someone tell me where i need to be:question:

Ahoy thar
Well first of all , you probably should've asked in the star wars forum *points to star wars forums*
But it'll get moved , thats what the mods get paid for :tongue:

Second of all, I may as well try to help you with your query.
What exactly do you mean by star wars stuff?
Do you mean action figures and toys, costumes , posters , games , dvds or what?
Well, I'll recommend having a look at anyay, but get back to me .

Matt Confusedhades::paw::coffee:
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Can you be a bit more specific? There's the site BOJ pointed to and there's also always ebay to start off.
I can imagine quite a bit.
Han Solo Wrote:Can you be a bit more specific? There's the site BOJ pointed to and there's also always ebay to start off.

Yes Ebay is the best place! But if you want it before xmas then i suggest you got to toys "r" us! that has looooooaaaaaadddddzzzz of stuff there (voice changer masks, action figures movies, posters books etc.)
The force is strong here! Confusedhades:
thanx alot he is all about star wars wanting to learn the story's and he already knows all the cachters he has all the figurine and all the toys but i was wanting to get him some collectable stuff thanx for all your help

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