Excellent Movies That Bomb?
Dost thou know of any good movies that somehow didn't do well at the box office?

I thought Final Fantasy: Spirits Within was pretty good (even though my sister complained that the lips were slightly out of sync with the dialog), with an interesting premise.

I also liked The Island, it combined two cliched SF themes to get something I didn't expect.

I rather liked Kingdom of Heaven.

I guess the real question of this thread is really:
What movies did you really, really like that bombed at the box office?

And what does this say about us?
"A Iluvatarinya! En na pelecco carinyesse!"
"Oh my God! There's an axe in my head!" :worry:

I quite enjoy Last Action Hero.
Xev, Xev of B3K, join us in our song!
After all, a thousand years isn't very long!
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All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
What are we defining as "a bomb"? It seems to me that most of these movies have made back their initial investment.
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
There's plenty of good movies that bomb. One of the biggest bombs in recent (and all time) history was K-19 The Widowmaker. It was an outstanding film that just fell through the cracks for one reason or another.

It's got to do with the economy, the other movies that are released around it, the 'national mood', if there is such a thing, at the time of release, and a million other little factors.

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