The two sides.
I'm in favour of the dark side. I love the sith lords compared to the jedi, sith's are far more powerful. The dark side is the most interesting side of the force because they are looking for new power therefore more interesting because the Jedi have nothing more interesting about the force. But the emperor is still searching and that's what makes it interesting. Also i'd like to point out to those that are confused and think that the prophercy was misread and was in favour of luke then you''re mistaken because anakin did bring peace to the republic by finally destroying both sith's the emperor and himself.
I agree when ever a battle of the darkside and the lightside takes place the force of the darlside seems to be stronger.
Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.
I believe that the Light side and Dark side can fluctuate in their strengths, with factors of this including time and place. During the Old Republic the ligtht side was clearly stronger, and in the Empire it was the dark side. We know the strengths change because of the prophecy, which mentions the 'Force being in balence'. Also, When Luke encounters himself as Darth Vader on Dagobah, Yoda says how strong with the Dark Side that is.

I'm in favour of the Dark Side, however, as it seems more interesting, and I've always generally loved the baddies :wicked:

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General Grievous is a whole lot easier to say.
Well, this is just my oppinion, but Im more inclined to believe that its not necessarily a case of which side of the force is stronger than the other, but more the person using it .
For example, a person trained in the ways of the darkside of the force may be able to defeat someone trained in the ligthside, not necessarily because the dark side is stronger, but the person themself is strong in the force...if that makes any sense :worry:

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Same, the user is the most important factor.
Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.
Edpayasugo Wrote:Same, the user is the most important factor.

I agree, it is most definately the user, but the dark side has more capabilities then the goodie side, because the sith only care about power! The good side care about what is right.
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The bad side is always more interesting. We all carry a dark side inside, and we don't unleash it or do its biddings often, because we know it would be wrong, so we love to see how the characters in the movies rip people's heads off, just like we would like to do with that annoying teacher...
But still, I prefer the Light Side. It is as powerful as the Dark Side, but it handles the power differently, for the benefit of more people (or species). The baddies just want to satisfy themselves, and what kind of a world would that be?
Of course, there a Jedis who have personal interests too (although they shouldn't), but at least they don't go around tearing limbs and exploding stuff just to serve those interests.
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If the Dark Side were more powerful, they would not of been conquered in the end, the Light Side would of.
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If anyone has played Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy you will notice that the Siths are much more powerful, and after a time the start glowing red and the lightning is also red. their grip is also much more powerful because they lean over you and kill you much quicker, but on the light side you pick him up i always throw them of the side. "grin"

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