Please, what is the name of this movie??!
hi everyone .. :wave:

i really need your help please dont ignore my ask ..

there is a movie i forgot completely its name also the actors in it

i just remember the events , i will say it to you and you may know it then write me the name of this movie

may be the date of the movie in year 1999 or 2000 or 2001 or 2002 or 2003

i tried to search on it but i could not found it

so i will write the events now please help me ,,,

the movie about An art teacher ( a painter - an artist ) who teach his students the paint

he is married and have little girl or boy (i just dont remember), then a new

girl student arrived when he saw her, he cared about her , and tried to connectwith her , his aim is to paint the girl and then have sex with her , and this was a habit, he was doing it in the past with every woman or girl he paint ,his wife nearly at the end discoverd his thinking and told him not to do it .

the painter tried to seduce the girl and he almost had sex with her except she

walked away from him to her boyfriend which he was an art student also and live with her in the same billding ,

(notice; she met her boyfriend just after she arrived to the city .)

at the end of the movie , the painter forced the girl to have sex with him

after they took his daughter to the bed , she struggles , then his daughter

herd them then she saw them then she ran away to the street and crashed

by a car , they all came after her , then the girl ran away and the painter

left his daughter and ran after her to do what he want from her ,

at the end her boyfriend hit him then he died .... finish

so please please help me with the title of this movie or even the name of the actors in it, because i need it as a gift for my friends' brithday she wish to have it , please my friends do not ignore me :teary:

sorry for my simple english .. Confusedad:
nooooooooooooooooooooo, i knew the movie! why didnt a pay attention to the commercials!?!?!?
so , please tell me the title if you knew it ,or even the name of the actors of it

i couldnt found anywhere

please help me Sad
Some research suggests that this might be Poison Ivy II (1996):

Poison Ivy II (1996)

Here's a detailed review which seems to have a plot summary very similar to the one you have given us.

DVD Verdict Review
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wooooow yes that is the movie i mean Smile

VickiSilverwolf , how can i thank u Blush

thank u so much for your help (f)

good luck

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