I can't wait for Bloodrayne!!!
I can't wait for the new Bloodrayne movie. I love the video game. A friend of mine sent me who works at umvd sent me the link to the trailer. It looks interesting. I don't usually go for these sort of movies, but the plot actually looks like it'll be interesting. Plus, there looks like there's gonna be some girl on girl fight scenes. That's always fun to watch. Has anyone seen the previews?
I watched the online trailer for this a week or so ago. I am not familiar with the game at all, but to be honest, the quality of the preview suggested a made-for-tv production.

Kistanna Loken is great to watch! Loved her in Ring of the Nibelungs - tough, warrior Brunnhild.

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I don't want to be mean spirited here, and I apologize for raining on you parade, crusher, but given that it's a Uwe Boll film, don't expect much.

In fact, I recently read some interesting comments that suggested that Boll's financial backing comes from wealthy Europeans who need to throw some money away to get tax breaks, and aren't intested in the films themselves. That was one of the more realistic explanations I read, although some were more sinister, implying money laundering, which, frankly, I would think to be highly unlikely.

Still, his track record so far isn't inspiring: House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark. Currently he's doing a string of video game movies, presumably because they don't require much in the way of plot, etc.
Yes Boomstick, I was about to post the same exact thing.

Uwe Boll is just about the worst director out there and he gets his money through a tax loophole in Germany. They actually make a lot of money when the movie flops.

The trailer looks TERRIBLE.

The Awful Truth Behind The Worst Director In The World
Thanks for that link Hobbit, that's a fantastic article. Exactly what I needed to answer the questions I had about Uwe Boll. I know, just chalk it up to morbid curiousity. :bg:

I especially liked how it seperated him from Ed Wood. Their point is well made: Wood was a movie lover, Boll's a crude businessman.
wow...thanks for the link....
well...i like the game and maybe with the cast they pulled together, bloodrayne will be hopefullt better than previous boll movies...
Possible. Still, I'm offended as a matter of principal, so I won't watch it. I dream of working in the film industry, but I accept that I probably never will get the chance to. As such, it torques me off to have someone who doesn't even give a flip about movies forcing themselves into the industry through such cynical means.

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