New book: Silver May Tarnish
I received from today Silver May Tarnish by Andre Norton and
Lyn McConchie., Tor Books, ISBN 0-765-30637-9. Retail price $24,95

I haven't seen mention of this on Michael Martinez's Norton web site and
hope you might write a few words. In my opinion a very well written book
set in the Dales at the same time as Year of the Unicorn. Written in the
first person by the two protagonists (one male Lorcan, one female Meive)
it is not unlike Andre in style although her part in it was probably not
too great. All in all a fine addition to the Norton canon. I think you
and others will enjoy it.

For some reason I have been unable to directly post to the Norton web
site so am writing you directly.

W. Richard Frahm
When I received Richard's email, I went right to the phone and ordered my copy. Then I braved December Mall traffic to go in to purchase the book.

So, the book is at home, but I haven't read it. Probably my goal for the weekend.
I found this book, entirely by accident, in the half-price review section at Strand Bookstore. I hadn't known anything about it before that.

Someone is falling down on the job... <g>
I am very glad to see that Richard is still active. I don't know if I'll ever add all the collaborations into the Witch World site, but I suppose they deserve some mention. I'll probably update it again next year and will give the matter some thought.
Richard uses HotMail or something similar and it won't let him post.... Just lurk.

I've known about the book for about a month. That's why I get Locus magazine. The adds alone are worth the subscription.

I read the first chapter of the book, and it felt very comfortable. I'll probably read this tonight or over the weekend.
[I'm still struggling to read DRAGON BLADE by Norton & Miller.]

Another Norton related book is coming out in January. I think that it is the follow on to QUAG KEEP - rats, I can't find the title in my notes. Hmmm.
?RETURN TO QUAG KEEP? That can't be it. Everyone please forgive me.
We had to block Hotmail accounts from subscribing because of abuse. Sorry, Richard. If you'd like a Xenite POP mail account (with Web interface), contact me and I'll set one up for you.

Richard only, folks.
I liked Ms McConchie's previous WW novel, THE DUKE'S BALLAD. Yes, I could tell there wasn't much Norton in it, but it didn't feel wrong, either (no small accomplishment!).
Hi everyone, Yes Irene, the title is Return to Quag Keep. I am currently rereading Quag Keep to refresh the characters in my mind. Delimma--Silver May Tarnish came in yesterday. The Duke's Ballad was so good, I am itching to read Silver, but I also want to read the Quag Keep books. I read the first chapter of Silver and that made the decision harder.
Hint for Irene--I went into The Dragon Blade with the same mindset I went into Star Wars:episode three, ie. "This is something to wrap up all the loose ends and bring everything full circle" Blade did that admirably. Later Kind Folks--Paul :tongue:
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I sat down after work and finished SILVER MAY TARNISH in one fell swoop. Not stopping until way after my bedtime.

A good solid Witch World book. I completely recommend it.

Lyn McConchie, if you are out there lurking, this was an outstanding contribution. You had me crying at the end.

PS: Note to Paul Goode - I didn't see Star Wars 3 - for those same reasons.

I'll keep hacking away at DRAGON BLADE.
I've already peeked at my Pre copy of RETURN TO QUAG KEEP. The first chapter seems to be 6 guys get together & buy gear for a quest.

Maybe I'm just not in the mood to work hard to read a book? I could pull down one of my old Nortons.
I received my copy of Silver May Tarnish on Friday and read it over the weekend. I enjoyed it vary much and would like to see Lyn McConchie write more books in Ms. Norton's universes.

My memory is fuzzy and I don't have my library handy but didn't she do one of the excellent follow up books to Beast Master?
Yes she did
Don't forget _Beastmaster's Quest_, due out in June, 2006.


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