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Why are all the shows listed in the Fantasy TV forum either dead or dying series? C'mon, Cleo and Jack were shows that lasted only one or two seasons at best. Buffy, Hercules, Xena, great in their day, but gone now. The Lost World - how many times do people have to post "When's season 4 coming out?" before they understand "Never!" Maybe its time to rename this forum "Fantasy TV Reruns" instead!

There are several fantasy series playing that would qualify for this forum like "Surface", "Lost", "Ghost Whisperer", "Commander in Chief", and "The West Wing". :laugh: (Sorry about the last two, couldn't stop from editorializing).

Oh yeah, please get some badgers for use as avatars, I hate having to sit on this dork's shoulder!

Badgers!? We don't need no stinking badgers!! :paw:
Welcome to Sf-Fandom Rudebadger

These are privately owned and funded forums and as such we really do not feel the need to explain why we have certain forums we just do and while they have active communities posting and enjoying them they will continue to exist.

We already have a 'Lost' forum and as for the others you have mentioned there are the General Fantasy or General Sci Fi forums which are quite adequate to handle any discussions not covered by our nominated forums. If there is a marked increase in topics covering any new shows then it will certainly be looked into and a new forum possibly considered.

As to your reference of avatars there are over 500 to choose from in our avatar library you always have the option of choosing another or not having avatar at all.
Your request for a badger to be included has been noted.

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