Not "Going to Graceland"
Did anyone, besides me, catch that Paul G is going to visit with Andre Norton this week.....

"I am making the pilgrimage next Thursdsay to get my most recent acquisitions signed." Paul G.

I'm planning a similar trip in May or June.

The hard part is "WHAT SHOULD I BRING"

I usually fly down to Nashville with just an overnight bag. Yes, that means a change of clothing and 25 pounds of books. The carry on bag I usually bring is pretty small, so I cannot carry more than 10 books, and still have room for my toothpaste. I've recently gotten a new bag, that has wheels, making it easier to drag those 25 pounds of books around. The problem is that in it's "carry on" state, it will only hold 6 books. It does get bigger, but then it is to heavy for me to stow in the overhead bin, and won't fit under the seat.

Once upon a time, Andre would attend conventions, and there would be a three book maximum on the signing line. So, I would have to pick my three "favorite" books. [I did bring more books to the convention, just had to prioritize them in groups of 3.]

*** So, here is the challenge. What 3 books would YOU bring to Andre Norton to get signed? Why would you choose those?

My choices are mostly going to be the most recent hard cover books. So, I'll bring:
ELVENBORN - which Mercedes Lackey signed last year in New Orleans
BEASTMASTER'S ARK - with Lynne McConchie
A CROWN DISOWNED - with Sasha Miller
ATLANTIS ENDGAME - with Sherwood Smith
and hope that the co-authors will show up for some convention soon.
[Reward offered for people telling me where they will be.]
If I have room in my bag, I guess it is time to get some of the paper originals signed. These have all been waiting.

What's left
Irene, if I were you I would take them all and do a lot of begging!!!

I hate to say this, but realistically, you may not have another opportunity...

I am still trying to get an invite...I just sent the Lady my first letter so I am waiting for a reply...

If I were you, I would find out what sort of treats she likes (favorite tea or cookies), and I would take a couple of cans of tuna for the feline friends...

Just being me...:coffee:
I don't dare bring tuna for the cats. Some of them are on special diets. All of them eat out of those small cans of special cat food.

What I always do is offer to be "driver" for time that I am there. This means trips to the vet, special shop, wherever.

AND - I will try to bring all the books that fit, and squeeze that change of clothing & toothbrush into the corners of the bag.
Be careful you don't find a fluffy amber colored tabby in your bag when you get there! If you do, just leave me there to be adapted.
Ship's Cat
Well, I've got my reservation made.

I'll be flying down to TN for a fast trip in early May.

Right now, I'll be there for only one night, so all I'll need is something to read and a change of clothing.

Right now my major decision is which carry on bag to bring.
My usual bag holds plenty of books, but isn't on wheels. My wheeled bag doesn't fit under the seat, so it would have to be hoisted (with books & all) into an overhead.

Maybe I can come up with some other scheme. Maybe putting the books in a small scrunchy bag that can be pulled out of the wheel bag & dropped at my feet?

I've got a couple of weeks to plan.

Oh yes, in my quick talk with Andre, she says that they are finding homes for some of their cats. Andre is also having to learn a new computer for her office. Her major problem is figuring out how to open a file, and then getting the text big enough to read. Maybe I'll be able to figure this out for her when I get down there.
Why are they looking for homes for some of the cats? I would be willing to take one or two if they could wait until next month so I could drive up to fetch them. Irene, please let me know the situation when you arrive.

Your friend,

I believe that they are finding some new homes for the younger of their cat tribe.

Taking care of 7 or more cats can be a big chore.

And, in my humble opinion, Andre saw what might happen if she hadn't come home from the hospital. There probably would have been several cats out on the street looking for homes. [Carying small cardboard suitcases and little signs that said "Please take care of this cat" - a la Paddington Bear.]

I'll certainly give a full report when I get back.
Angela, you mention driving "up" to adopt an Andre cat.

Up from where? If you're in Florida, you need to hang out at Ed McLuckie's bookstore, drool over his collection, & meet his Andre cat. If you're in Georgia, you could visit us in Atlanta. But then, if it's Louisiana, it must be Paul [Goode].

Sometimes I like looking at maps & thinking about all the Norton fans all over the place, but then, it's commonly admitted I'm a bit strange. Wink

Jerrie, I live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. I have never heard of Ed McLuckie's bookstore, but would love to know more. In Atlanta you are a lot closer to the High Hallack Library compound than enviable...if one of dear Ms. Norton's cats deigns to follow me home, you would be in the perfect location to stop and have a cup of tea...if all that transpires we will have to make arrangements to meet up, if for no other reason than we share a love of the many worlds of Andre Norton!

Howdy, neighbor!

Actually, Ed's not all that far from you; he's in Jacksonville. Iirc, the store is All Booked Up, 10033 Atlantic Blvd. I'm hesitant to post the phone number here, but expect him to jump in any day now, with directions & details.

What I'd suggest you do is, make a day of it, stopping off in Orlando on your way over. The Friends of the Library have a permanent bookstore on the 3rd floor of the downtown library, where paperbacks are .50, and hardbacks are 1.00. Many of these are by Andre Norton. There's also a cool bookstore called Legible Leftovers that boasts "books on cats and cats on books." At least there was; we haven't been in FL in two years. [After 15+ straight years, my masculine half got florida-ed out on his annual spring training pilgrimage {Chaucer has nothing on Marty for springtime pilgrimages}, so we go to AZ now.]

Hth & welcome to the forum,

Greetings one and all. Jerrie said i'd jump in and she's correct. All Booked Up's phone number is 904-855-0243 and the store is open 7 days per week although i'm usually not there on Thursdays. My Andre cat "Heidi" rules the roost and wants everyone wandering in the door to think she is a poor unattended kitty that needs some attention, which she gets! The book collection is no longer available for public drooling and has moved to the house once again.

Angela, i agree with Jerries travelogue. Legible Leftovers is a great place to visit, my shop, and from there you would be only 10-14 hours away from Andre's house. Incidently, cat retrieving is what first got me up to High Hallack, as it had been 5+years since i'd seen Andre when she was living in Florida.

as for travel, i shall be spending the last week in April in Key West. Usually not many books to be found, but two locations to sing Karaoke every night from 9:00pm till 4:00 am.

collect on!!! ed
Agressive Pursuer of Andre Norton material and addicted Karaoke singer!
Quote:Originally posted by Ed M.
My Andre cat "Heidi" rules the roost and wants everyone wandering in the door to think she is a poor unattended kitty that needs some attention, which she gets! collect on!!! ed

Oh MEOOOOW. One of those. Who goes "Oh nobody has fed me for days...." And then gets so fat that .... Well, begging for attention isn't so bad. Much healthier.
Ed, how can it be, that you only have four Nortons currently in stock at the bookstore? To make matters worse they are all titles I currently have in my ever growing don't take me too seriously I like to jest...

What are the chances of getting a look at your personal droolable collection after you return from the Keys? I would love to met your Norton cat "Heidi".

Angela, how did you determine i only have 4 Norton's available? Heidi would love the company but the personal Norton collection is now available only for viewing in my "fortress of solitude". arrangements can be made. collect on, ed
Agressive Pursuer of Andre Norton material and addicted Karaoke singer!
I think that only Jerrie, of the many posters on this site, has seen my books.

That was way back in 2000. Since then the books have exceeded shelf space . . . . . . . . . . . . . . again.

I admit, visiting other peoples's "collections" is a tempting thought. I'd like to see all of those reviews that JoeG has been collecting, or the stash of x-library editions that PaulG has hidden.

This trip to TN, I may actually be forced to climb into the attic to look at Andre's own collection of manuscripts. Mostly for planning on how to move them to Syracuse U.
Ed, in answer to your query, by searching your on-line inventory, of course. Is this not updated?

Angela, if it's any consolation to you, if you go to , I can promise you will find considerably more than 4 Andre Nortons. Of course, you'll probably have all of them too, in which case you can enjoy a cosy gloat at home. Wink


I'm doing my final planning for my trip. I picked up my tickets last night. My guest bed is covered with the stuff I'll need.

I'm only taking 3 books and maybe one paperback to read.
ELVENBORN - which Mercedes Lackey signed last year in New Orleans
BEASTMASTER'S ARK - with Lynne McConchie
A CROWN DISOWNED - with Sasha Miller
Maybe STAND AND DELIVER or SNOW SHADOW or both (they're small)

I'm still deciding on bringing my "trusty" shoulder bag which has toted many a book and which fits under an airline seat. OR giving in to the fact that my other carry-on is on wheels (but would have to go in the overhead).

I've also packed plenty of anti-hystamines.

I truely love cats, but I'm very allergic to them.

My questions for Ms Norton include asking about
The Metal of the Dead, edited by Concha Espina, Anna-Marie Aldaz & Andre Norton, Bucknell U Press 5/2003 $55

RENAISANCE FAIRE ed by Norton & Jean Rabe (DAW)
and if there is a publication date for
MORE TALES OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS ed by Katherine Kurtz w/Andre Norton
I've also heard that BEASTMASTER'S CIRCUS (Norton & McConchie) is finished.

Anyone have any other questions? I'll put them on my list
I'm home. I'm tired.
Stories and pictures tomorrow.
I didn't sleep well on Friday night. There is no way I was worried about missing a midday flight, so it just was travel jitters.

The Nashville airport is pretty uncomplicated. Rather like a hand with all of the luggage pickup, and rental cars in the palm. Picked up my rental car and off we went on the southward journey to Murfreesboro.

The motel was quickly checked into, and then across town to Andre Norton's residence.

The place had a strange sign on the front lawn that turned out to be from the roofers. We later heard that there had been several roof leaks, with all of the trash bins pressed into service.

The lady was in the middle of a letter, but finished that and spent quite a while talking. Mostly about other books, the state of childrens books and the lack of need for a television.

Sue was doing major digging in the garden and was planning on moving the rose, and other flowering plants to the small garden between the house and the library. Rose was doing several chores in the house, including feeding the cats.

Cat population appears to be down to 5 (including the Manx which never leaves the second floor). I didn't have my usual major alergy attach, for which I thank Sue's skills, and the fact that the current feline population are younger cats that don't seem to shed badly.

Stayed until about 7 and then went off to find a convenient Chinese restaurant, and finally back to the motel.

The next morning did something unusual. Andre had spoken about the Victorian era houses in Murfreesboro. I'd never driven anything except the straight road through the "Mall Heaven" between the highway and Andre's home. So early Sunday morning, after hitting a local book store, and somehow buying books that I didn't already own (?), I headed off the beaten track to "get lost" in the old part of town.

After a nice long hour of being a tourist [Having local drivers shake heads over car with flashers, and turn signals, just inching down the road.] the car found it's way back to the main drag just a block south of the Norton residence.

Andre graciously signed my books, and we dined on "take out" Chinese. Left very early (3 PM) as Thunder storms were predicted, and I didn't want to overstay my welcome.

Don't ask me how, but I managed to get everything packed into my carry on bag. This is plainly impossible, since the bag was full on the trip out. Luckily, I must have a dimensional anomaly in the bag. [One of my new books is the latest Tanya Huff.]

So I finally got home at 10:30 PM which is way past my bedtime. I really should have taken today as a vacation day. I certainly almost fell asleep at my desk.

As for some Norton Publication datas: Well Andre didn't know any more than we did. I did get a copy of both Andre's and Rose's stories in RENAISANCE FAIRE.
Also determined that The Metal of the Dead by Concha Espina, Anna-Marie Aldaz, Andre Norton, Bucknell U press May '03, isn't OUR Andre Norton.

Well, even with a nap, I'm fading fast now. Night all.

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