The March of the Penguins
Or La Marche de l'empereur, a documentary about "the annual journey of Emperor penguins as they march -- single file -- to their traditional breeding ground."

Has anybody seen this film? It was in theaters just this year.

I am fond of animal documentaries otherwise as well, so perhaps it is not that strange that I should like this one too. I found it very touching, full of beauty and sadness. One thing is certain - watching this film really makes you appreciate the fact that most of us live in moderate climates!
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I loved the images in this film, but I hated the narration. I could have easily done with no narration at all. The same people made Microcosmos and Winged Migration, both of which were superb with little or no narration.

I would warn people that this movie is not for very young children. You see many of the newborn penguins die in the harsh conditions of their environment.
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I watched this movie in my biology class last week. It was very good, but very sad at points.
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Yes, most of us sometimes liked to cause pain,
But I am proud that most of us
Were ashamed afterward."
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